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kick-off letter from Dave

The OG Jikers Eco-Challenge Team!
(Old Gymnastics Jog-Hikers)

Dear Cliff, Rick, Jeni, Andy ad Lisa,

Welcome! We are only 356 days away from the Big Weekend in Lake Tahoe, which, by my calculations, will be on September 23 next year!

We are still in need of 1 or 2 more folks, as the teams are 4 people, and we currently have 6 “committed”… (or should be committed? ☺) for either the 6, 12 or 24 hour race, depending on how our training shapes up. I’m leaning toward the 6 hour, though part of me wants to try for the 24… maybe next year! Young Jeff from Funtastics is interested, and is in pretty darned good shape (I was too when I was 20!) so we need one more: Rick’s friends? Others? Remember that this is a big commitment to your team as well, since if someone drops out, the whole team is screwed, so think deep and hard before jumping in!

Also, I would love to get a blog or something going, so we can keep track of articles, training, updates, etc… (Rick?!?)

We will have to be in the “Open” category, as to be in “Masters,” everyone has to be over 40… these darn young girls are holding us back, though I have to say it’s worth it! ☺

I have also sent everyone the three initial articles about getting started, and will be sending more soon… Training should have commenced already, by the looks of it!

Here is the link to the event’s home page:

… and a link to an informative website: – Adventure Racing 101

Also, I think we need to start getting in the habit of sending each other our weekly “training logs,” both as encouragement to others, but also as incentive to actually go out and get it done. I have included Lisa’s and mine since last weekend… would love to hear what everyone is doing!

I would love to put a calendar together of when we need to be at a certain level in our various disciplines, and when we can plan on getting all of us together for a couple of days to train together: hopefully 5 – 6 times over the next year! Dates that make sense right off are October 19 – 22 (everyone but Andy ☹), Maybe Thanksgiving or around the holidays? HPTC/Summer here?

I would love to register us for the event soon, as it fills up early, and also, it will help provide incentive to train during the “cold winter months,” since we’ve already paid our fees! I can do it on our card as long as everyone promises to send me their portion soonish… it is $150/pp, + a $5 processing fee, plus everyone needs a “license” (basically a reg. number with the national fed.) that is either $8 for one day, or $35 for a year (good if we think we might do more than 1 event). There are also things like kayak rentals for the event (they use inflatable kayaks, Rick!) and I’m sure a few other things, such as chipping in for the mandatory equipment, as well as getting your own stuff ready. More on that as I get it.

I may have a line on a house we can use in Tahoe, but perhaps we should all keep our eyes and ears open for “who knows who.” We may also be able to use a timeshare, and just have everyone pitch in a bit.

Please send me your most current email and phone, so I can update a list and distribute it. We should probably all be on each others “reply all” list for these as well.

Okay, let’s get going! This is exciting, not just for the event, but mostly because of getting to do it with some of our dearest friends!

I have also attached some of the things that I have learned/heard about racing and training, FYI.

That’s it, for now, but I’m sure there’s more to come! Thanks for your friendship and commitment to the group! Let’s show them what a bunch of fun-loving, amateur, old-farts can do!

Here’s to good friends, good wine and a weekend in Tahoe, running our asses off!


Things I have heard…

~ The race is usually won or lost during the paddling phase: Get a kayak and start training. Lisa and I have procured Kayaks to train with over the winter (yes, you heard me… winter!).

~ The bike part is pretty challenging. We just got ours tuned up, and did our first “brick” of training yesterday. (A “Brick” is when you do two or more different disciplines in one training session.) There is a pretty substantial mountain bike part, as we are going to take lessons from a semi-pro mountain biker we know so that we can keep our heads above water, so to speak.

~ Orienteering and trekking are a major part of this race: basically, they give you a map, compass and a series of waypoints, and you have to get there. Cliff and I have had quite a bit of orienteering/navigating practice, I admit, I’m a bit rusty, though I think it will come back quick. Lisa and I are going to do some work with the local orienteering group to bone up. Anyone else done any? No GPS are allowed! (Sorry, Jeni! ☺)

~ EVERYONE needs to carry a minimum amount of equipment, basically 15 pounds, so start training with a pack, and work up to 15 pounds… even a few pounds makes a BIG difference. Dave is currently training with a 9 pound pack. Remember: we have to carry all of our food and water, as well as certain required personal gear and required team gear with us!

~ Train at a pace you can maintain, basically for ever! Consistency wins, not speed, as you are only as fast as your slowest person, and, believe it or not, 6 – 24 hours is a long damn time to be moving at a race pace! Jike, rather than run or hike, pedal long and consistent, training on lots of hills (there is a 5000 foot minimum altitude gain on the cycle! ☹). There are penalties for leaving your team behind, not to mention getting lost if you lose your navigator!

~ There are also some “surprise” challenges, which can involve mud, ropes courses or traverse elements, swimming, etc, so take this opportunity to get well-rounded. Lisa and I are rock climbing again, and trying to do lots of different stuff, just in case. I’ll try to find out some details.

~ The course is basically an 8 mile paddle (that’s a long way, folks!) a 20 – 30 mile ride (another long way!) and an 8 – 15 Jike/trek, as well as what other little surprise events they have.

~ You have to drink/eat while moving, so get used to it, especially on the bike and while paddling.

~ BE CAREFUL OF YOUR BODY! Using the pack yesterday, with new insoles, on rough terrain, Dave rolled his left ankle four (4!) times, though none really serious, but they could have been. One expert recommends using ankle or knee supports to prevent injury, but also for your team: Remember; if you sprain your ankle and have to stop, your team is done too! Train hard, but don’t over-train: long and steady is better than fast and dead! This is for sure a “tortoise vs. Hare” kind of race.

~ Try to do something 6 or 7 days a week. This is not the kind of event you can “get up off the couch and do!”

~ We hope to get our kayaks today, and start paddling!

~ We are trying to eat better, and are limiting our wine drinking to days that end in “Y”.

~ This is great, as, like Andy said, it’s easier to quit/stop if your on your own… when there are others with you and depending on you, it helps to keep going. Even in practice that’s true, and as Cliff can tell you from the military, peer pressure and team support helps you get over all kinds of challenges!

This is exciting, folks! Thanks for the opportunity and the challenge!

Dave and Lisa’s Training Log for September 22 – 30:

September 22:
2.5 mile jog on sand/pavement
2 hours rock climbing, weights/abs

September 23:
“High Point Trail”: 7.5 miles of ROUGH, varied terrain, including scrambles and lots of hills, Abs. 1:30 total time
3 hours of paintball (Dave and Andy)

September 24:
2.5 mile run on gravel, abs

September 25:
16 x 400 meters, with different weights/calisthenics after each length. Averaged just under a 2:00 400. More weights (logs) and abs after. Total: 1:02

September 26:
2 laps of Tubbs hill (varied, semi-rough terrain) 4.8 miles total. 44 minutes

September 27:
Dave: 7.5 mile run on pavement, with 3 big-ass hills, weights and abs. Total: 1:06
Lisa: 1 hour advanced yoga, abs

September 28:

September 29:
4 mile flat, fast run
2 hours rock climbing

September 30, our first “brick”:
7 mile ride (flat/downhill) to Eagle Boat launch at Farragut (32 minutes)
Shoreline Trail, with the steep hill (rough terrain, just under 5 miles – 44 minutes)
7 mile ride back home (flat/Uphill) 50 minutes (Tough!)
.5 mile slow jog
2:06 total.
Dave wore a 9 pound back pack.

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