Dave and Lisa making Rick look bad, again

Hope your training is going well… It is for Lisa and I, at least, and the
benefits are starting to show… Dave weighed in at 193 this morning, post
workout (down from 214 on August 24!) and most importantly, the mental
changes are what are the most impressive: It used to be that if I could get
out for three miles, with a little weights and maybe some abs, I felt like I
had “done myself some good.”

Now, if I don’t get out for an hour or more, I feel ripped off, like I
haven’t done enough… I guess this is what addiction starts like! 🙂

Here is Lisa and my training log for the past week… would love to see
yours as well, as it helps to know that we’re all in this together!

Monday, Oct 1: Rode 6 miles pretty fast, with 2 big hills. Ran three miles
with 9 pound pack.

Tuesday, October 2: Dave ran 3 miles, it was pretty tiring after the two
longer days. Finished, but was more the tortoise than the hare. Lisa did one
of her exercise videos for arms and upper body.

Wednesday, October 3rd: Lisa rested, Dave ran 4 miles, did logs and abs.
Better today.

Thursday, Did 6 miles on Centennial trail, including both sides of Bennet
Bay Hill. Did the fitness course on the way back. 1:16 total. Wore the pack
again. Shoulders are staring to get used to the chafing. Traps feel the
strain, but it’s getting better, too.

Friday and Saturday: Did the state clinic in Boise, were on our feet all
day, but didn’t get a chance to workout. Drank wine, though.

Sunday, October 7: Did Mt. Spokane with Jeni: 8 miles total, with 4 miles
straight up, 4 miles straight down. Wore an 11 pound pack up, Lisa wore it
down (her first real experience with the pack). It was a TOUGH climb, but
kind of exhilirating when you make it.

Monday, October 8: Rode to Farragut, ran High Point, down to Button Hook, up
big nasty hill, back to High Point trail head, and then rode home. We both
wore packs. My goal was to make it to the Scout rocks on High Point without
stopping with the pack, but didn’t quite make it: had to jike the last hill.
Just under 2 hours, total. The bike was better this time, for sure.

Tuesday, October 9: Ran 3 pretty quick miles in the a.m. without packs, and
tonight Jeni is coming over, and we are doing an “in-gym” workout… should
be good and challenging:

≥« Stair sprint ¡V 2 sprints as many times as possible in 1:30
≥« 8 Double Burpees
≥« 50 calf risers with 10 second hold after each 10
≥« 14 lunge and jumps on each leg
≥« Arm set #1:
o 10 pullups, then immediate 10 bar dips, then immediate pushups (15, 20, 25
or 30)
o Rest 2 minutes, repeat with 8, 8 and 12 (or 17, 22, 27)
≥« Arm set #2:
o 12 flat, wide arm pull-ups, then 10 straight arm lift ups with bungee,
then immediate 10 pulldowns with bungee, followed by 8 ¡§Cross¡¨ pulldowns
with bungee
o Rest 2 minutes, then repeat with 10, 8, 8, 6
≥« 8 Wonderwheels
≥« 10 in-outs with exercise ball
≥« 2 x 10 second one arm hold on bar
≥« 30 second two hand hold on bar
≥« 2 x 12 leglifts, the best way you can
≥« Community Abs¡¨
≥« Community flex¡¨

We haven’t had a chance to get out and kayak yet, though we are looking
forward to it. We are going to do our first “real” mountain bike ride (on
dirt and hills and stuff!) this week, too. I’m looking for some trekking
classes to bone up on the orienteering skills.

We are really looking forward to this, and doing it as a group is the best
part! Even more folks are interested… could end up with several FART
teams, and maybe we can have a couple of semi-annual get-togethers to train
together and enjoy each other’s company!

Let us know how you’re doing!


Over the same week Rick did 7 root canals, 4 extractions, 1 emergency dental surgery, 2 courses of antibiotics. And at least 10 Mocha Grandes.


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