Short Legs Run into Virgin Territory

As I have said all along, the only thing that can make me run is my friends.  I can’t decide whether I am weak for letting them influence me or stronger for pushing myself beyond my limits.  I broke virgin territory on Saturday and ran 9 and1/3 miles in 1 hour and 26 minutes through a trail course.  It was a glorious fall day with temps at 50 degrees and Dave Sawyer and I took to the trails.  FYI, Dave is a co-worker and just completed his first ultra-marathon – 50k.  He will be one of my Midwest training partners.  He is even going to let me use his wife’s Mongoose Bike next weekend and I am going to do my first trail ride ever and my first Brick. 

Well, if you call an hour and 15 minutes of power yoga and then the run, I did some type of Brick already.  Surprisingly, besides some tight calves, the only thing that hurt was the outside of my right foot;  which, I think, is due to a tight right calve.  One of my friends, Steve, a Dual-Atheloner (is that two people who live in Athel, better known as the Adlard’s) told me about a Dead Sea Salt Bath.  It really helped relieve the muscle strain and I played hockey this morning and felt pretty good.

So this week, I logged 17 miles, sometimes this is the most I run in a year.  Played hockey 3 times, did yoga 4 times, and did a few weights.  I’m off to Boston this week, and plan on a big run in the morning there.  One of my co-workers is a marathoner and he is psyched to run in the morning.

Thanks for inspiring me and I can’t wait to see you guys in Vegas.




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One response to “Short Legs Run into Virgin Territory

  1. rickmccharles

    Good job, Andy.

    Figuring out how to post on WordPress, I mean.

    Though the Yoga / Trail Run brick is impressive too.

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