Adlards get their kayaks

Hi, all! How is training going for everyone?

Anyway, this past week has had its ups and downs, really, and that includes
some hills! 🙂

Anyway, last Tuesday, we did 3 miles during the day, and did an in-gym
strength workout on Tuesday night. It was pretty tough, and Lisa was/is
still feeling it in the lats/pecs, as is Tonya, who joined us with her
husband Tim.

Wednesday, Dave did 4 miles, and though I thought I was going to run
terrible, due to three tough days in a row, but I actually had a great day,
and ran as fast as I have in years, (at least until I got to the final big
hill, then the wheels got wobbly, if not fell off). Lisa did her first real
yoga class in a coupke of months, and really loved it.

Thursday, we went to get our kayaks, which took longer than we had hoped, so
we didn’t get a chance to use them so we did Tubbs with a pack instead. It
was relatively short, but tough anyway, as we tried to up our pace, and we
were pretty tired.

Friday, rested, and flew to Portland for the regional training camp

Saturday: After the training camp, we went out and did a little more than 3
miles, with a few pullups, some pushups and abs.

Sunday: Got off the plane, went to pick up Jeni, and we did “Doomsday Hill,”
which is the center piece of the world-famous Bloomsday race. We actually
did it twice in a row, plus another hill to finish.

Monday: Our biggest day so far! We did our first (mini) adventure race
today! We kayaked for the first time, going about 2.5 miles in 37 minutes
(guessing on distance) Lisa got the steering thing figured out, and we
didn’t get too wet, even going against the wind and current on the way back.
It was GREAT to actually get out on the water! The old paddling muscles
starting kicking in, so I think I’ll be back up to speed pretty quickly.
Equipment is going to be a priority for paddling though: having a GOOD
paddle and GREAT weather gear is essential, especially for fall/winter
paddling, which we intend to keep doing.

After that, we did our first real, single track mountain bike ride for 50
minutes. Not too bad, really… the up is hard (especially balancing going
really slowly) and down is scary and pounds you, but we survived and did
okay. Again, helmets, padded bike gloves etc is critical (of course we
didn’t have either).

We then did a 47 minute run along the shore trail, up Big Nasty and back on
the high trail. Dave did the extra hill. In all, 2:13 in a row. Felt great!

We are hosting the regional congress this week, so we’re going to do as much
as we can over the next couple of days in the run up and see how it goes.
Gotta watch the diet if we’re not getting out as much.

Hope things continue to go well for all of you… it is exciting and
encouraging to hear everyone’s success stories!

Thanks for being in this together with us!




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