Jeni – training log

Here is my general training log for the past two weeks:

Week 10/1-10/7
4 hours and 50 min of aerobic (combo of biking, stadium stairs w/wts, Mt spokane Jike, elliptical trainer – usually 30-45 min per bout, includes intervals).
gymnastics workout (basics) 1 hour
misc weight training
80 pullups

Week 10/8-10/14
6 hours, 20 min aerobic (inc bike, treadmill uphill, 13.4 mile hike, hill running, elliptical)
misc weight training
42 pullups

NOTE: I only count actual movement time in my count – no rests etc are included. Walking as exercise does not count in my total. Weights, abs, stretching do not count in my tally either.

This week will be much less, due to my schedule/neurosis….

Happy Training!


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