doh! – we are too late for Primal Quest

It’s already FULL for 2008.


400+ miles, non-stop, day and night, (including 95,000 feet of elevation gain) through beautiful and unforgiving terrain using only non-motorized transportation. Racing against the clock, other teams, and the forces of nature, teams must trek, climb, kayak, raft, mountain bike, to successfully reach the finish line.

Starting June 21, 2008, Primal Quest will be held somewhere in the western USA.

Primal Quest – official website

For highlights of Utah 2006 Primal Quest, (including 50,000ft of rope) click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.



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2 responses to “doh! – we are too late for Primal Quest

  1. You really aren’t too late…

    The number of of team slots was increased after the first 75 sold out in less than 12 hours. You still have a chance to join the adventure! Primal Quest will continue to accept race applications until all registrations are finalized.

    Full details on the PQ registration page:

  2. ratfacejt

    Plenty of PQ spots available for sure, and with the next $10k due in a few days, more are sure to open up!


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