27 Years and Can Still Ride a Bike

One Brick down and many more to go.  After a hiatus of 27 years from bike riding, Tucker charges off on the hilly dirt trail for 9 & 1/3 miles and whips through the technical course in 54 minutes.  But that wasn’t enough.  Taking off his stylish black bike helmet adorned with cob webs and muddy dirt and strapping on those oh so important Patellar Tendon Bands, he charged up the yellow trail for a 6 mile run.  And so the first Brick was laid. 

The biking as far as endurance was not bad, except for going up sandy hills (thank God for gears).  Steering on the other hand was quite challenging at times – going right was easier than left.  I borrowed my buddy’s bike and that worked great.  Can’t wait to get mine in the winter.  The run felt very funny after the bike.  After the first mile things were good.  However, at mile 5 it was straight up hill for the next 1/2 mile and after a stumble ninja roll, I closed out the last 1/2 mile throwing one foot in front of the other.  We did that leg in 55 minutes.

All in all, it was an awesome experience and once again a perfect Michigan autumn day.  See you on Friday


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