Finally got Cliff here, too!

After Region 2 Rising, Cliff and Rick both stayed around a couple of extra days, and on Monday, we got to get out and show Cliff “Big Nasty!

We did High Point to Scout Rocks, scrambled Scout Rocks, ran down to the lake, and did Big Nasty. Rick and I then did “Long Nasty” and made it all the way to the main road, so pretty successful! Rick was just back after the dental surgery vacation to Maz, but did some of his best work on the hills today! We made it is 49 minutes and change. Cliff’s back gave him some problems, but he finished it up anyway. Lisa ran like a champ today, and her normal side stitch wasn’t too bad. Any one have any ideas on “curing” stitches? After that, we played a couple of hours of paiontball, and had a dinner party with various other clinicians from camp. Lots of fun!

Keep up the great work!


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