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Getting caught up with Dave and Lisa’s training

It seems like forever since I have posted our training, but here goes…

After Seattle with Andy and Jeni, Lisa was “off her feet” because of her hand… it wasn’t healing up as well as it should have, and she was sent to a hand specialist, who promptly recommended surgery for the following Monday. That weekend was the last one before we were to host Thanksgiving for the family, and there were several events scheduled at the gym as well, so it turned into 3 days of “honey dos”, punctuated by a couple of 6 mile runs for Dave, with only two short bike rides thrown in.

We did get completely set up for Christmas, though, which was nice, since it will be the only time the “Oldsters” would get a chance to see the house this season.

We got up at 4:00 to get Lisa to the hospital, and surgery went very well. she is now the proud owner of 3 screws and a cute little 2″ scar. We were actually home by 10:30 or so, and she spent the rest of the day on the couch recovering.

Tuesday, Dave met with Todd Jackson, the director of the Big Blue Adventure races, and we spent several hours talking about adventure racing, and specifically hosting an event here in the CDA area. We invited Chris and Marla from the Spokane Regional Sports Commission as well, and they are supportive. Dave took Todd out to Farragut and we ran for an hour or so as I showed him some of the “High-lites” of the park. He thought it would be an excellent spot, and we are pursuing permits etc, for either the summer of 2008 or 2009, depending on how it comes together.

We went to Applebee’s for dinner (imagine that!) and talked for an additional 2 hours about racing in general, and the Tahoe race in particular. I feel much more informed about the whole thing now, and feel like I have a handle on what is going to happen. He has agreed to give us a copy of last year’s course (while saying that this year’s will be different) so that if we want to meet in Tahoe (a good idea, I think!) we can run last year’s course and get a feel for what the day will be like. I took him up on it, and will try to find dates that work for all of us in the spring/early summer.

Ran the 6 mile loop again on Wednesday, and then cooked dinner for the fam. Did reasonably well at the not over-eating thing on Thursday, which was good.

On Friday Lisa, her parents and I travelled to Seaside, Oregon, taking time to stop at a few wineries on the way over. Got there late, but our unit was right on the beach. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Dave ran on the beach, anywhere between 3.5 and 6 miles, as well as did some weights in the workout room. Lisa worked out once, getting in a good bike ride.

We drove home Tuesday, just in time to coach. Wednesday a.m, Dave got out for 4 miles in the newly fallen snow. the Saloman shoes have pretty reasonable traction, and the waterproof-ness is a blessing.

Today is Thursday, and I am heading out for another run this morning, and then jeni is coming out so we can do an “in-gym” conditioning session tonight as well. Feeling pretty good, overall, but I’m missing the biking, and the availability to go to Farragut. I’m going to have to invest in an indoor bike or something to keep it up.

Rick, have you done much biking in actual snow? Does it work? Is it worth it?

We are heading to Boise this weekend for our first meet of the season, and then Portland on Sunday for a day. Will try to get a couple more “warm weather” runs in (all the way into the 30s and 40s…) before settling in to the winter mode.

Looking forward to seeing Andy again in 2 weeks.

New years is shaping up nicely… Looks like Andy will be here, most likely Jeni, and now even possibly Cliff! Hey, Rick… if you can make it down, we could end up with the whole crew!

Thank you all for your support, and the motivation you provide by being a team. It makes it way easier to force yourself to put your shoes on and get out when it’s gusting and blowing snow like it is this morning!

September 13 will be a great day, but I’m looking forward to the process–the sharing of the training, and the camraderie with our dearest friends along the way just as much, if not more!

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wing suit BASE jumping videeo

Dave emailed a link to one wing suit video. Here’s another.

Expect a lot of dead BASE jumpers as the popularity of the “flying squirrel” suit grows.

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poor, poor Andy

071128_snowrunner.jpgLife is tough in the Caribbean.

Up where the REAL MEN train
it looks more like this.

Actually, my exercise program has been pretty boring. Getting out on the bike every day. Adding the occasional stair climb carrying the bike for variety.

Ski season is upon me, though. Wax on.

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Hello cruise fans.  Well as Dave outlined in his last blog, we had a great time in Seattle and as always, training as a team is the best.  Here’s a picture from the Hyatt hotel where we stayed looking at Mt Reiner. Mt. Reiner from Hyatt

After Seattle, I traveled to Vegas for two days of seminars.  I stayed at the Hard Rock Café Hotel and they put me up in a Rock Star Room.  Take a look at this outer room. I think there has been some partying going on in this room.

Hard Rock Party Room

Well after a long day of the seminar and customer dinners, I did wake up and run 4 miles in the morning before my first meetings.  Boy is that desert air dry.  It was cool this time compared to our 85 degrees at Red Rock.   And the concrete was a bit harder on the knees, compared to that desert dirt. So after 8 hours of meetings, I flew home, arrived at 2:00 am, got up at  7:00 am, packed, did email, and out the door at 11:00 am to head on the cruise. 

So, it’s Monday now and I have logged two yoga sessions, 30 minutes of running and one weight session so far.  We pull into San Juan Puerto Rico in an hour.  I plan to try out my new Garmin training watch as I hopefully log an hour of running. I’m doing my best to watch the calorie intake balanced by the exercise; so far, so good.  Also, I have logged more hours of continuous sleep in the last two days than I have in the last year (I think I have sleeping sickness, I get it on all the cruises).  I have almost let myself go, that is, to not feel guilty as if I have something to do, except eat, watch movies, lay in the sun and of course workout.

Ok, so I’m back, not really, I’m writing the outcome before it happens.  Now I’m really back and here are the results of my run.  I went 4.7 Miles in just under 38 minutes, average around 8 minute miles.  Cool thing about the watch, I actually hit 188 bpm (beats per minute) on the sprint in and averaged 165 bpm.  When I run sub 8 miles, which I did on the last mile, which I went 7:47, my heart rate was 176 bpm.  This will be real interesting to track as I get in better and better shape. And lastly, I burned 622 calories so I had the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.  Oops, that means I shouldn’t have had any other dinner.  I guess its back to the gym.

Now we’re in St. Thomas and it’s a lifting and yoga day. Oh, and a buying alcohol day.  I better watch my calories tonight.

Cruise, cruise, cruise to  St. Maarten. I’m running a mile to a resort where I can rent a kayak.  I went out 15 minutes and back in to shore repeatedly for an hour.  It looked like this.  Kayak Route  I did 3.7 miles in an hour and then ran 2 miles back to the ship.  I also walked about a mile that day as well.  My deltoids started out a little sore, but by the end, I was feeling pretty good.  We definitely need to learn kayaking technique for maximum efficiency (who has the video?)

Now it’s off to Tortola and the island wasn’t much so I laid out in the sun, caught a few rays, did some weights and did some yoga.  The next day was a sea day and I decided to try some stationery biking.  I did 10.41 miles in 30 minutes.  I then ran a couple miles, in about 15 minutes.  All in all I felt pretty good.

The next day was Nassau Bahamas and it was Saturday, my big running day.  It was a nice breezy 80 degrees and I logged 8 miles on the hard concrete in 1:07:23.  My average speed was 7.1 mph or an average pace of 8.25 minutes per mile and a total of 890 calories. I can tell you that once I turned around and hit the wind, my speed reduced by .3 mph.  It was a great run and tough to do by myself, I miss you guys.  Net net, I gained 0 lbs on this cruise which is unheard of for me or anyone else.  The average weight gain per day is 1 – 2 lbs.  You guys really motivate me.  We will cruise together sometime soon.  Until then, I will visit Idaho.  See ya soon.

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paddle training next year?

VERY EXCITING NEWS. Putting the exact date on the calendar makes it seem closer.

When planning next summer … think on this:

No doubt we will put together a paddling trip sometime next year. To practice entry, exit, transition. Do some 2-3hr sessions. Mock the race.

Tahoe is kayak. I’m happy we are not in canoe or rafts.

I’ve done multi-day kayak trips in Baja, New Zealand and Canada.

One option would have us to book a few days to the Broken Group Islands out of Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. it’s the #1 kayak destination in Canada. Open ocean. But VERY safe.

Logistics: Fly to Vancouver, bus to terminal, ferry to Nanaimo, my parents would drive us possibly to the home of Hardy and Cynthia Fink in Port Alberni where we would organize. From there we could ferry to the Broken Islands, Pacific Rim National Park.

It’s very convenient to rent kayaks from the Lady Rose company ($35 / day). Or you could drive and bring your own.

Hardy has a kayaks, as well, we could likely borrow.

I haven’t spoken with him at all about this, but we’ve stayed with Hardy and Cynthia many times on our Vancouver Island trips. They love hosting.

Transport via Victoria, BC, is a less convenient option logistically.


An alternative is a paddle hike to nearby Della Falls. Transport is no problem for us. My father could get us to the trailhead.

We could do both in a week, actually.

Other paddle trip options? Leave a response.

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New Members, and lots of COOL new info!

This past week has been busy, and a bit disconcerting, as my regular “training partner” has had her arm in a cast, and has been out of training.

I got in a couple of good workouts last week, including a 2:15 hour bike-run-bike, a 4.5 mile run, a 4 mile run, and in-gym conditioning session with Jeni, and another 4 mile run between Monday and Thursday. Then we went to Seattle for our regional training camp, and I ended up with 3 days off. Andy and Jeni joined us, and we did get out for an “adverse weather” run in Seattle yesterday, of about 5.5 – 6 miles, with several hills of differing lengths. It was actually pretty fun, and it’s somewhat satusfying, in a “bring it on, Mother Nature!” kind of way. Andy and I sprinted it out for the last 1/2 mile or so, ending in a virtual dead heat, with the girls only a block behind! It was a really good effort.

When we got home, Lisa and I had no power and no cat food, so thank goodness for a woodstove and tuna fish (for the cats… we drank wine!). This morning was clear but windy, and I did a quick 3 miles at a pretty good pace (just under 8:00) before heading into the gym.

Then, when I got in, I had a message from Todd Jackson, director of the Big Blue Adventure series! We had a GREAT discussion, and I found out a bunch of stuff. Okay… here goes:

The Race in Tahoe is September 13. It was recently moved up a week to accomodate the Exterra race.

If we all register at once, we will get a discount on registration fees, which are $150/pp for the 6-12 hour race, and $100 for the 2-4 hour race. They have both races on, so if some of our teams/people want to do the “sprint” race, they can, and we can still all be there.

The 6-12 is for sure a “trekking” style: orienteering with a 24,000-1 map to plan, as well as specifc orienteering maps for the actual race. We can basically choose our own routes to the check points. I will definately be boning up on the orienteering skills.

The kayak portion can be in singles or doubles. The bike/run portions are intermixed… you could start on your bike, have to get off, run, do something, get back on your bike, ride some more, get off, run, then ride again, etc, so we will have to carry both pairs of shoes. Transitions now become even more important. There are also some other challenges along the way. Big Blue is having a couple of other “tune up” races earlier in the summer, including one in Oregon, so maybe we should plan on doing one of these as a tune up.

Registration will open very soon, so plan on getting a “bill’ for entries. We need to start looking at time-shares/rental houses etc. as well. We will look into our time share. Anyone else know anyone with a house in Tahoe? Call em!

Kelley seriously wants to be a part, and called to commit while we were in Seattle. Welcome, Kelley! We are hoping that “Da Schmorg” is going to be her new training partner, and will join us as well.

Rick feel great about his training, Lisa and I feel pretty good, Andy feels great, and Jeni is doing great, even if she feels neurotic about not getting in enough time. I think we’ll do very well!

One other piece of our conversation was that he wants to come up and check out our little area and we may be able to host a race here! (I may have mentioned that I host events, and thought this would be a cool place to do it…) anyhoo, I’m going to contact the Sports Commission, the local chamber etc and see if we can set up a meeting! Woo Hoo! Big Blue Coeur d’ Alene! I hope to show him Farraggut, Schweitzer, etc.

This week is looking good for training, and I am excited about knowing more about the actual race (especially the date!).

September 13th… put it on your calendar! FARTS will be off and running!

Have a great week!


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new FART – Mike Kloser

MikeKloserCoverNew05.jpgI recommend we recruit a guy named Mike Kloser for the FARTS.

At age-47, he’s a little green. But I could bring him up to speed, I think.

We’d have to convince him to jump from his current team …

AB: Is this the year we’ll see someone finally knock off Nike?

DM: As long as Mike Kloser is on the team, I’m not sure anyone can compete with them. Last year I saw him cross the finish line dragging a teammate, carrying two packs, while conducting an interview, all the while making it seem easy. He’s an incredible athlete, and with him on the squad, Nike is practically untouchable in the field. Right now, I’m not sure anyone can beat them in a race of this length.

The Adventure Blog: The Adventure Blog Interviews Don Mann!

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