Don’t Forget the Bouldering

Vegas was awesome, so much fun, so many firsts, I feel like a kid in a candy store.  This year is flying by and I love the fact that I can arrange my training and our gatherings around my business travels.  I think I have seen some of the team every month since June, which is great.  Dave left out one key first for me and that was climbing my first real mountain.  I guess they call it bouldering as we didn’t use any ropes. 

My heart always races when I am at the rock climbing wall and I have two hands on one hole and my arms are shaking and I have to let go to grab the next hole.  In my mind, I think of this as the “real-deal,” even though I am on belay and I can’t fall. 

We’ll Red Rock was the “real-deal” and there were no ropes and only my tired shaky legs and dehydrated body pulling myself up tiny cracks with only the ground to stop my fall.  That’s living on the edge.  Thanks to Dave, Lisa and Jeni for being “Rock Stars,” (I couldn’t resist).  Here are a few pictures that captured our day.
4 FART’s at Red RockDon’t Look UpSilly BoysBeautiful Gymnasts
See ya in Seattle for the next group training.


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  1. daveadlard

    Andy is right! It was awesome! The thing about bouldering, and Red Rocks in particular, is that even though each of the individual bouldering problems is manageable, you start doing one after the other, and the next thing you know, you are 35 or 40 feet off the very hard ground, and down is almost always harder than up!

    Great pictures, a great time, and great friends… the only thing missing was Rick and Cliff! We’re pretty sure that we an handle almost any run they will throw at us now.

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