Is 67 Minutes Good?

Well, if you did 75 minutes of Power Yoga, rode 5 miles in 20 minutes and than ran 8 miles in 67 minutes, I would say that’s a good Saturday in Michigan.  With the big Michigan vs Michigan State game on today in beautiful MI with the skies a blue and temp 62, there’s not a better thing to do than train for Big Blue (Adventure Series).

Ok, back after a half time shower, (not as good as a Vegas hot tub) and a quick knap, the body is starting to feel the affects of a long day.  We’re off to see “So You Think You Can Dance,” playing at Joe Louis Arena tonight.  Hope I can sit in my seat without too much pain and/or stay awake.  I agree with Dave, we are not going to have any trouble with the run.  I also don’t find the biking too hard, however, the hills can be challenging and they do get me breathing hard.  The big test will be the Kayaking, which I plan to do in two weeks when I am on my cruise.

One minor note, I think the hard training goes better without the night of partying beforehand.  But than again, where’s the challenge in “all work and no play.”  

Don’t forget to set your clocks back.  I look forward to that extra hour of sleep tonight before hockey tomorrow morning.  Also, I may take Austin rock climbing or shoot some archery.  You never know whether the “surprise” challenge might be making a bullseye.



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