Late night training has its costs…

Lisa and Dave went to Seattle to run the regional Super Camp with Valeri Liukin on November 3-4. On the Saturday evening, we went to the Longhorn Bar-b-cue (which was great!) and after dinner, they start a dueling piano bar, which was also great! Funny, irreverant, often crude, and, of course, the perfect atmosphere for “old coaches doing drunken gymnastics on stage…” also a recipe for potential disaster.

The long and the short of it is that Lisa followed Rachael on stage, and after the requisite hadstand walking and backsprings, she went to attempt her patented “Buffett Back Tuck.” Unfortunately, with low stage lights, tight jeans, a drink or two (or three) and a rather hesitant jump, worrying about at least two of the previous factors, and she “Tripod-ed,” breaking her nose (minorish) the index finger of her left hand (also minor) and a very nice spiral fracture of the 4th metacarpal of her right hand, which is now in a cast.

 She’s probably more embarrassed about doing a bad back tuck than the finger, though not being able to do anything is pretty close.

 Anyway, she won’t be doing any paddling or biking for a bit, though hopefully she’ll be back running again soon.

Since getting back from Vegas, we hadn’t had much chance to do anything, though Dave did get out for 4 miles on Saturday afternoon at a pretty good clip, averaging 7:51.

 I’ll send more updates later.



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2 responses to “Late night training has its costs…

  1. Oh NO.

    Lisa joins the grand group of those coaches with silly injuries.

    Rick Bieche — drunken concussion on the dance floor on back tuck.

    Morgan — sprained ankles on back tuck.

    (We won’t mention my Slurpee related bike crash / broken hand. Or the time I broke a GIGANTIC mirror on the dance floor in Quebec City on standing back tuck.)

    HEY — I see a theme here. Blog post coming up.

    : )

  2. andytuck

    You poor thing. Obviously your husband must have been drunker than you to let you do your “patented back flip” in such a state.

    I will provide my healing touches this weekend. I really feel badly. Hope you recover soon. See you in 3 days.

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