Rick at 50

For the good of the team I headed up to the mountains to do some altitude training. (Coincidentally the Banff Mountain Film Festival was happening.)

My bike in the shop, my health at risk, I could only Jike.

Mostly I ran with 10-15lb pack up or around Tunnel Mountain. Did at least 1hr each day.

rick-at-50.jpgOn my birthday, Friday, I ran a total of 70min, then hiked Sulphur Mountain (900m, 5.4km) in 80min. Somewhat tired by the time I got to the gorgeous viewpoint.

So where is Rick at 50?

  • pretty confident cycling and paddling
  • not bad right now running
  • getting used to wearing a pack
  • much more motivated to exercise since we FARTed
  • enjoying audiocasts on my iPod while training

  • I doubt I’ll be much fitter than this next September.

    Finished my big day Friday with a free Gondola ride down to the Hot Springs. Then had dinner at my favourite restaurant, The Coyote Deli.

    View from atop Sulphur. That little bump across the river is Tunnel Mountain.

    original photo – flickr


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    1. andytuck

      Happy Birthday. I hope I am as fit and good looking as you at 50 :). Maybe I will actually be an Apple Advocate by that time or MS will have cool products like that (besides the xbox 360 and Zune). Tallk to you soon.

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