gear – Dirty Girl Gaiters

The cool chicks are wearing light-weight $13 Dirty Girl Gaiters.

From the Happy Feet blog:

Gaiters are an important for trail runners, and for that matter, hikers, adventure racers, and even walkers. They cover the top of the shoe and prevent debris from going inside the shoe. It is this debris, between the shoe and sock, which leads to hot spots and blisters. A simple pair of gaiters can help prevent problems.

For my money, I like the gaiters made by Chrissy Weiss, called Dirty Girl Gaiters. Chrissy has a lock on gaiters that make a statement. They are bold and colorful. They are in-your-face patterns that inspire. Most of the runners yesterday wore Chrissy’s gaiters. They are made from soft, comfortable four-way stretch spandex unisex with gaiter hooks under the front shoe lace and secures to the back of the shoe with a self-adhesive Velcro strip. They are dirt-cheap for $13 per pair, including postage.

And, yes, guys are wearing them too. A lot of guys.

Happy Feet

Dirty Girl Gaiters – photos

We could pick out a team pattern.

(via Two-Heel Drive)


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  1. rickmccharles

    You know they are cool because the shoes are ORANGE.

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