New Members, and lots of COOL new info!

This past week has been busy, and a bit disconcerting, as my regular “training partner” has had her arm in a cast, and has been out of training.

I got in a couple of good workouts last week, including a 2:15 hour bike-run-bike, a 4.5 mile run, a 4 mile run, and in-gym conditioning session with Jeni, and another 4 mile run between Monday and Thursday. Then we went to Seattle for our regional training camp, and I ended up with 3 days off. Andy and Jeni joined us, and we did get out for an “adverse weather” run in Seattle yesterday, of about 5.5 – 6 miles, with several hills of differing lengths. It was actually pretty fun, and it’s somewhat satusfying, in a “bring it on, Mother Nature!” kind of way. Andy and I sprinted it out for the last 1/2 mile or so, ending in a virtual dead heat, with the girls only a block behind! It was a really good effort.

When we got home, Lisa and I had no power and no cat food, so thank goodness for a woodstove and tuna fish (for the cats… we drank wine!). This morning was clear but windy, and I did a quick 3 miles at a pretty good pace (just under 8:00) before heading into the gym.

Then, when I got in, I had a message from Todd Jackson, director of the Big Blue Adventure series! We had a GREAT discussion, and I found out a bunch of stuff. Okay… here goes:

The Race in Tahoe is September 13. It was recently moved up a week to accomodate the Exterra race.

If we all register at once, we will get a discount on registration fees, which are $150/pp for the 6-12 hour race, and $100 for the 2-4 hour race. They have both races on, so if some of our teams/people want to do the “sprint” race, they can, and we can still all be there.

The 6-12 is for sure a “trekking” style: orienteering with a 24,000-1 map to plan, as well as specifc orienteering maps for the actual race. We can basically choose our own routes to the check points. I will definately be boning up on the orienteering skills.

The kayak portion can be in singles or doubles. The bike/run portions are intermixed… you could start on your bike, have to get off, run, do something, get back on your bike, ride some more, get off, run, then ride again, etc, so we will have to carry both pairs of shoes. Transitions now become even more important. There are also some other challenges along the way. Big Blue is having a couple of other “tune up” races earlier in the summer, including one in Oregon, so maybe we should plan on doing one of these as a tune up.

Registration will open very soon, so plan on getting a “bill’ for entries. We need to start looking at time-shares/rental houses etc. as well. We will look into our time share. Anyone else know anyone with a house in Tahoe? Call em!

Kelley seriously wants to be a part, and called to commit while we were in Seattle. Welcome, Kelley! We are hoping that “Da Schmorg” is going to be her new training partner, and will join us as well.

Rick feel great about his training, Lisa and I feel pretty good, Andy feels great, and Jeni is doing great, even if she feels neurotic about not getting in enough time. I think we’ll do very well!

One other piece of our conversation was that he wants to come up and check out our little area and we may be able to host a race here! (I may have mentioned that I host events, and thought this would be a cool place to do it…) anyhoo, I’m going to contact the Sports Commission, the local chamber etc and see if we can set up a meeting! Woo Hoo! Big Blue Coeur d’ Alene! I hope to show him Farraggut, Schweitzer, etc.

This week is looking good for training, and I am excited about knowing more about the actual race (especially the date!).

September 13th… put it on your calendar! FARTS will be off and running!

Have a great week!



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