Hello cruise fans.  Well as Dave outlined in his last blog, we had a great time in Seattle and as always, training as a team is the best.  Here’s a picture from the Hyatt hotel where we stayed looking at Mt Reiner. Mt. Reiner from Hyatt

After Seattle, I traveled to Vegas for two days of seminars.  I stayed at the Hard Rock Café Hotel and they put me up in a Rock Star Room.  Take a look at this outer room. I think there has been some partying going on in this room.

Hard Rock Party Room

Well after a long day of the seminar and customer dinners, I did wake up and run 4 miles in the morning before my first meetings.  Boy is that desert air dry.  It was cool this time compared to our 85 degrees at Red Rock.   And the concrete was a bit harder on the knees, compared to that desert dirt. So after 8 hours of meetings, I flew home, arrived at 2:00 am, got up at  7:00 am, packed, did email, and out the door at 11:00 am to head on the cruise. 

So, it’s Monday now and I have logged two yoga sessions, 30 minutes of running and one weight session so far.  We pull into San Juan Puerto Rico in an hour.  I plan to try out my new Garmin training watch as I hopefully log an hour of running. I’m doing my best to watch the calorie intake balanced by the exercise; so far, so good.  Also, I have logged more hours of continuous sleep in the last two days than I have in the last year (I think I have sleeping sickness, I get it on all the cruises).  I have almost let myself go, that is, to not feel guilty as if I have something to do, except eat, watch movies, lay in the sun and of course workout.

Ok, so I’m back, not really, I’m writing the outcome before it happens.  Now I’m really back and here are the results of my run.  I went 4.7 Miles in just under 38 minutes, average around 8 minute miles.  Cool thing about the watch, I actually hit 188 bpm (beats per minute) on the sprint in and averaged 165 bpm.  When I run sub 8 miles, which I did on the last mile, which I went 7:47, my heart rate was 176 bpm.  This will be real interesting to track as I get in better and better shape. And lastly, I burned 622 calories so I had the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.  Oops, that means I shouldn’t have had any other dinner.  I guess its back to the gym.

Now we’re in St. Thomas and it’s a lifting and yoga day. Oh, and a buying alcohol day.  I better watch my calories tonight.

Cruise, cruise, cruise to  St. Maarten. I’m running a mile to a resort where I can rent a kayak.  I went out 15 minutes and back in to shore repeatedly for an hour.  It looked like this.  Kayak Route  I did 3.7 miles in an hour and then ran 2 miles back to the ship.  I also walked about a mile that day as well.  My deltoids started out a little sore, but by the end, I was feeling pretty good.  We definitely need to learn kayaking technique for maximum efficiency (who has the video?)

Now it’s off to Tortola and the island wasn’t much so I laid out in the sun, caught a few rays, did some weights and did some yoga.  The next day was a sea day and I decided to try some stationery biking.  I did 10.41 miles in 30 minutes.  I then ran a couple miles, in about 15 minutes.  All in all I felt pretty good.

The next day was Nassau Bahamas and it was Saturday, my big running day.  It was a nice breezy 80 degrees and I logged 8 miles on the hard concrete in 1:07:23.  My average speed was 7.1 mph or an average pace of 8.25 minutes per mile and a total of 890 calories. I can tell you that once I turned around and hit the wind, my speed reduced by .3 mph.  It was a great run and tough to do by myself, I miss you guys.  Net net, I gained 0 lbs on this cruise which is unheard of for me or anyone else.  The average weight gain per day is 1 – 2 lbs.  You guys really motivate me.  We will cruise together sometime soon.  Until then, I will visit Idaho.  See ya soon.


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