Getting caught up with Dave and Lisa’s training

It seems like forever since I have posted our training, but here goes…

After Seattle with Andy and Jeni, Lisa was “off her feet” because of her hand… it wasn’t healing up as well as it should have, and she was sent to a hand specialist, who promptly recommended surgery for the following Monday. That weekend was the last one before we were to host Thanksgiving for the family, and there were several events scheduled at the gym as well, so it turned into 3 days of “honey dos”, punctuated by a couple of 6 mile runs for Dave, with only two short bike rides thrown in.

We did get completely set up for Christmas, though, which was nice, since it will be the only time the “Oldsters” would get a chance to see the house this season.

We got up at 4:00 to get Lisa to the hospital, and surgery went very well. she is now the proud owner of 3 screws and a cute little 2″ scar. We were actually home by 10:30 or so, and she spent the rest of the day on the couch recovering.

Tuesday, Dave met with Todd Jackson, the director of the Big Blue Adventure races, and we spent several hours talking about adventure racing, and specifically hosting an event here in the CDA area. We invited Chris and Marla from the Spokane Regional Sports Commission as well, and they are supportive. Dave took Todd out to Farragut and we ran for an hour or so as I showed him some of the “High-lites” of the park. He thought it would be an excellent spot, and we are pursuing permits etc, for either the summer of 2008 or 2009, depending on how it comes together.

We went to Applebee’s for dinner (imagine that!) and talked for an additional 2 hours about racing in general, and the Tahoe race in particular. I feel much more informed about the whole thing now, and feel like I have a handle on what is going to happen. He has agreed to give us a copy of last year’s course (while saying that this year’s will be different) so that if we want to meet in Tahoe (a good idea, I think!) we can run last year’s course and get a feel for what the day will be like. I took him up on it, and will try to find dates that work for all of us in the spring/early summer.

Ran the 6 mile loop again on Wednesday, and then cooked dinner for the fam. Did reasonably well at the not over-eating thing on Thursday, which was good.

On Friday Lisa, her parents and I travelled to Seaside, Oregon, taking time to stop at a few wineries on the way over. Got there late, but our unit was right on the beach. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Dave ran on the beach, anywhere between 3.5 and 6 miles, as well as did some weights in the workout room. Lisa worked out once, getting in a good bike ride.

We drove home Tuesday, just in time to coach. Wednesday a.m, Dave got out for 4 miles in the newly fallen snow. the Saloman shoes have pretty reasonable traction, and the waterproof-ness is a blessing.

Today is Thursday, and I am heading out for another run this morning, and then jeni is coming out so we can do an “in-gym” conditioning session tonight as well. Feeling pretty good, overall, but I’m missing the biking, and the availability to go to Farragut. I’m going to have to invest in an indoor bike or something to keep it up.

Rick, have you done much biking in actual snow? Does it work? Is it worth it?

We are heading to Boise this weekend for our first meet of the season, and then Portland on Sunday for a day. Will try to get a couple more “warm weather” runs in (all the way into the 30s and 40s…) before settling in to the winter mode.

Looking forward to seeing Andy again in 2 weeks.

New years is shaping up nicely… Looks like Andy will be here, most likely Jeni, and now even possibly Cliff! Hey, Rick… if you can make it down, we could end up with the whole crew!

Thank you all for your support, and the motivation you provide by being a team. It makes it way easier to force yourself to put your shoes on and get out when it’s gusting and blowing snow like it is this morning!

September 13 will be a great day, but I’m looking forward to the process–the sharing of the training, and the camraderie with our dearest friends along the way just as much, if not more!


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One response to “Getting caught up with Dave and Lisa’s training

  1. There is no snow in Calgary, really. Global warming, you know.

    But cycling in snow is no problem. I’ve never used tire studs though Warren does in Saskatoon.

    BEWARE – any downhill with even the slightest turn at the bottom is an opportunity to crash. Black ice tends to form from melt water at exactly the wrong place. Then get covered by snow.

    New Years for me is Saskatoon. But should get south a LOT during Jan / Feb.

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