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Recruiting new FARTS!

Dave is on a quest to fill out our final roster spot, and actually try to get a third FARTeam up and going…

 Jody Rozin and Chris Lawson would be EXCELLENT additions, and great FARTS, especially if we can’t get Ian Adamson…

Jody is a coach at FUN now, but she’s also an ER doc, rock climber, marathon runner, and really tough. Chris has years of running, training and triathlon/duathlon experience, topped off with being married to Debbie, who could also be a FART if she wants.

Teammates have to be ready for altitude, heat, and stress and be able to keep up a great attitude, all the while working in cooperation with at least 3 others… I can’t wait!

Waiting to hear from Jody and Chris soon!

Rick and I went out for a fast 4 miles today… both of us had some pretty tired legs, and Rick started coming down with the Crud.

I’m planning on getting in one more longish, slower run tomorrow, and then enjoy my day off (Friday!) before heading to Seattle, where I’ll get at least a couple of runs in. Monday, we’re planning on meeting Jeni at EWU for a good long multisport workout. Should be fun!

I got the BRRC (Bloomsday Road Racers Club) rag today, with all the details of the local road races leading up to Bloomsday and the summer season. I’d love to get in a couple of runs to get a good seeding for the big day, though our weekend of FART training is more of a priority.

Asics Trail Runner shoes were on sale at Tri-State today… very tempting!

 Would love to hear what everybody’s doing!

 Keep it up, and go FARTS!


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Down the hill and back with Lisa, Kelley and Rick

After our in-gym exploits yesterday, and a rather long weekend, we still decided to get out and do one last run before Kelley hit the road Tuesday a.m.

Speaking of Kelley, there was a little moaning and groaning, with some serious Advil consumption, but she was a trooper, and was ready to go this morning.

The original plan was to get out on the road by 7:00, and dutifully, though with a significant amount of grumbling, lisa and I climbed out of bed at 6:45, dressed in our cold weather gear, and then, after failing to roust either Rick or Kelley, climbed back into bed, still fully dressed. The plan was revised for a 9:00 a.m start, so, of course, shortly after 10:00, we hit the road.

The plan was to do a longer, slower run, working on the aerobic base, yet again… this must be what all of those “serious” athletes call “putting in your time on the road.” We set a goal of runnng down to Silverwood and back, a distance of 7.6 miles, or 100 meters longer than Bloomsday.

Rick, our team videographer captured many “epic” shots as the FARTS trudged through the quiet, clear morning, the peaceful soltitude only shattered by the occasional passing UPS truck, and a fleet of menacing, dark blue suburbans…

For those of you who haven’t experienced the “out and back,” the “back” is pretty much all up hill, so it was a good trek. We tried to keep up a steady 10:00 pace, and we did the entire run at a 10:07 average, which is pretty good with the hills. Good aerobic training!

Jeni is coming out tonight, and we’ll do another in-gym workout, so it’s been a pretty good couple of days workout-wise.

 Thank you all for the inspiration, and the motivation to get my ass up off the couch!


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Training during GWGF

For the first time, I made a commitment to get in 3 trainings sessions during GWGF, between Thursday and Monday.

 This was pretty impressive, since in the previous 6 years, I don’t think I did 1 training session total!

Even in the week leading up to GWGF (my most hectic time!) I ran 6 miles with Jeni on Saturday (we practiced towing) and then I did 10 miles Sunday, and a “quick” 5 on Monday, that almost killed me.

On Tuesday, most of the FARTS were in town, and we did one of our in-gym circuit workouts. We even had a couple of new folks (Dawn and Rachael) try it with us.

Wednesday was 18 hours of setup, but Thursday at 6:30 a.m., Rick and I got out for a brisk 3 miles or so along the dyke road and the boardwalk.

The rest of Thursday, Friday and Saturday were sort of busy with a few thousand of our closest friends, broken up with the surprise arrival of Andy on Friday! Yea!

We planned to run Sunday early, but a sudden TV interview at 7:15 made it a little early to be farting around, so, while Lisa and I slaved away at the meet, our so-called friends, ignoring our feelings, went out for a run, along with an Andy-led yoga class etc… I hear the Turbo-Durbo led the way! (Way to go, Kelley!) Basically, you all suck for leaving without us, but I’m proud of you!

So, keeping my sworn vow in mind, I was left with having to do 2 workouts on Monday, after a REALLY long weekend. To top it off, my long lasting cold was reappearing after 5 days of tough work with little reat, and I woke early to a bad cough, and a head full of snot. I dragged my carcass to the Advil container, and cursing the whole way, got dressed and woke Morgen’s sleeping ass up off our couch.

We started along Centennial trail, with the plan (at least in my head!) of doing maybe 5 to 5.5 miles, until I made the mistake of asking Morgen what he wanted to do, and the damned keener said “Oh, how about 60 minutes or so…” I almost asked him didn’t he have to be at work soon? but, being a stubborn competitive sort (who knew?) I trudged, in the full meaning of the word, out of the parking lot, past the disembowled dead deer, and toward the dreaded Bennett Bay hill, some 3 miles away.

We worked on keeping a good aerobic training pace, working on building the ever-important aerobic base, but the 9:04 rate was close to what I could handle for the first mile or so. Thank goodness I kind of loosened up, and as we progressed, I actually started to feel better. We made it to the top of the hill, and Morgen, in his infinite wisdom, said “Golly gee, Dave, I’ve never ran 8 miles…) and I, frantically trying to bite my tongue, said “sure, it’s only one more mile marker,” knowing full well that it was a compete mile downhill, meaning that we had a mile straight up to start the way back.

Actually, though, it went pretty well, and I was feeling pretty normal by the end. We finished in good style, closing in on 8:02ish for the last bit, and were still well within ourselves. Good job Schmorg! You did great!

After showering and packing out of the hotel, we picked the girls up from the Spa, and headed to Funtastics for the Long Circuit, which was workout #2 for me. This is a hard workout, but everyone did very well, and whining was kept to a minimum! 🙂

Tomorrow, we’re planning on a 7:00 a.m. jog as a group, before Rachal and Lisa have to be at the gym, and before Kelley has to head home. The great news is that Rick will be staying through the week, and Jeni will be out tomorrow night for another workout!

Bloomsday Weekend planning is starting to shape up, and the current thinking is that everyone arrives Friday sometime, and on Saturday, we will do a pretty full day of training, with bike, kayak and run (and Dave will have an orienteering course setup by then, hopefully!), and then Sunday, while (again hopefully!) still a bit tired, we will run Bloomsday, and then head out to Cheney for another Kayak and bike, as well as some ropes course work.

Jeni is planning on doing Grizzlyman in April, which, unfortunately, is the same weekend as Regionals, which we’re hosting… I don’t actually think we would be missed if we went to Missoula on Saturday, but I’ll have to check with Lisa…

Would love to look at when we can get down to Tahoe for 2 or 3 days… can everybody give us some posisble dates?

Also, I am pushing for a return trip to Hawaii in August, finances and schedule premitting, and would love to have some or all of you join us.

September 20 is only 208 days away…

 Go Farts!

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Congresswoman Durbin

Here leading by example, confiscating junk food from her athletes.


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mandatory team training

The SERIOUS team members were all there for Fartlek training Tuesday.


Dave assumes any team called F.A.R.T. should be doing Fartlek.

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Back from the dead!

With meet season, GWGF and sickness all rearing their (sometimes ugly) heads, I haven’t been nearly as diligent as I should have been with posting, but, yee hah, here we are again!

I somehow managed, with no invitation on my part, to contract the dreaded Rhino virus or something, back at the beginning of January, right after the Mismo meet. I got out for 2 good runs while there, and Kelley, Morgen and I discussed our training, looking forward to spring.

 I ran three more times that week, each with declining effectiveness, and on Friday morning, I was near dead. I spent 4 days on my back, only heading back to work heavily medicated. It took 2 more entire weeks before I could do anything, and finally, I got out for a 2 mile walk/crawl/jog.

BTW, I love the Garmin, and have built up quite a good log of workouts… it really helps keep you on task, so to speak.

Started feeling better soon after, and 2 days after that, did the first real run in 3 weeks, going a bit over 5 miles with Jeni, and Lisa and I got out once as well. It really helps having the right gear for the weather!

Started on the recovery trail, and between the slow recovery runs, and the “in-gym” workouts, I’m almost back at it.

Met with Andy and Rick in Chicago, and did 2 nice runs along the lake. Working on building up my aerobic capacity… longer, slower, steady runs keeping the heartrate under control.

In the gym, we have moved to a “continuous” style of workout, where we are going for between 50 minutes and an hour, doing a wide variety of relatively easy running and total body tasks, but with no rest, no pause etc… steady work, and I’ve got to tell you, they (especially our last one!) kicked our asses! The 60 minute one last Tuesday was one of the hardest workouts I have done in years. I will post it later this week, if anyone wants to give it a try! 🙂

Lisa and I got our “Heart Check” done this week, and while she was perfect on everything (imagine that!) Dave was improved, but still needed work… Cholesterol was down nearly 100 points, but needed 4 more to be optimal. Triglycerides were also a bit high, but my BMI and HDL (GOOD) cholesterol were all optimal, so I think all of our hard work is paying off!

This week, things seemed to turn back around. Even after killing ourselves on Tuesday, I went out for a short run Wednesday, just trying to relax, and ended up with one of the fastest runs down the Big Hill I have had in years… 22:40 down and back for 2.8, including the Big Hill, and there was lots left in the tank, so to speak.

With GWGF next week, workout time is at a premium. I only have sporadic times, but you do what you can. On Thursday evening, I went out at 10:00 p.m., with my new reflective vest and headlamp (my wife is such a romantic!) and again, had a great run, doing 4.1 miles in 30:04.

Today (Saturday) Jeni came out, and we went for a run, attempting to try out her new ‘towing’ rig: We went to Centennial Trail, planning on doing the 6 miles up and over Bennett Bay Hill and back. We started out relaxed, but cruising, and after 1 mile, we were at 8:11! Leveled out a bit, but we were still at 16:46 after 2 miles, which is quite a bit quicker than Jeni is used to going, but we were both really feeling pretty good.

We used the tow rig over the hill (I tried to get her to haul my ass over the hill, but I lost “rock-paper-scissors”) and completed the 3 miles out in 25:35. On the way back, we just steadied it in, using the tow rig only up the last hill, and completed a fairly difficult 6 miles with 3 medium to large hills in 50:43, or 8:27/mile average! Yeah for Jeni!!!

After that, we headed back to the gym and did a bunch of upper body and abs stuff. Lisa has been fighting off the flu for a couple of weeks, but this past few days, she has fallen prey, and today, she feels like crap :(.

I hope to get out again tomorrow for one last long run, and then it’s a mad dash to the weekend. I have sworn that I will get in at least 3 workouts during GWGF (likely Thursday, Sunday, Monday) and I hope that Morgen, Jeni, Kelley, Rick and Lisa will all be joining me for at least the Sunday-Monday outings, and, of course, I expect they will get out without me as well.

On the race front, it looks like we will be hosting an event of our own next summer in the CDA area. I really hope that we can make it to Tahoe to train on last year’s course, and at altitude… dates anyone? I also think that we should try to volunteer to go and help run one of the series races to see how they go from “both sides of the fence.”

Bloomsday weekend is May 3ish (the first weekend in May) and it would be great if everyone can make it out so we can do the race, and do a couple of days of serious training with all 3 disciplines. Let us know, and we will help out!

One of the books Jeni got for us recommends that every week we should be doing a minimun 6 – 8 hour training day at least once per week… I hope to make it Sundays. I’m actually really looking forward to it: Kayak for 90 minutes, bike/run for 4 hours, strength and speed for another hour or so.

I’m starting to look at arrangements for the trip already, including housing. Anyone have any ideas to add before I really get into it?

This year, PQ–“Primal Quest” is being held in Montana near Bozeman, and I hope to get out to see some of it, and maybe even volunteer for a day or two. Also, it turns out there is a 3 day “tune up” race for it, and while that might be a bit out of our range this year, I think we should look at it for next year, maybe… I REALLY want to do at least one  3 day event!

I think that a 24 hour isn’t out of the question for this year either, depending on how our training goes… perhaps we have a 6 – 12 hour team, and a 24 hour team… what do you think?

I love being involved with this venture, with this wonderful group… you guys have given me the incentive to get up of fthe couch, given me a goal and a reason to get–and more importantly–stay fit! I thank you all, and I love you all, and I can’t wait to do this!


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Primal Quest 2008 Gear List

Stumbled on to the required equipment for the BIG RACE.

Specific recommendations for gear to fulfil those requirements have been added by editors of

Check it out – Primal Quest 2008 Gear List


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