Back from the dead!

With meet season, GWGF and sickness all rearing their (sometimes ugly) heads, I haven’t been nearly as diligent as I should have been with posting, but, yee hah, here we are again!

I somehow managed, with no invitation on my part, to contract the dreaded Rhino virus or something, back at the beginning of January, right after the Mismo meet. I got out for 2 good runs while there, and Kelley, Morgen and I discussed our training, looking forward to spring.

 I ran three more times that week, each with declining effectiveness, and on Friday morning, I was near dead. I spent 4 days on my back, only heading back to work heavily medicated. It took 2 more entire weeks before I could do anything, and finally, I got out for a 2 mile walk/crawl/jog.

BTW, I love the Garmin, and have built up quite a good log of workouts… it really helps keep you on task, so to speak.

Started feeling better soon after, and 2 days after that, did the first real run in 3 weeks, going a bit over 5 miles with Jeni, and Lisa and I got out once as well. It really helps having the right gear for the weather!

Started on the recovery trail, and between the slow recovery runs, and the “in-gym” workouts, I’m almost back at it.

Met with Andy and Rick in Chicago, and did 2 nice runs along the lake. Working on building up my aerobic capacity… longer, slower, steady runs keeping the heartrate under control.

In the gym, we have moved to a “continuous” style of workout, where we are going for between 50 minutes and an hour, doing a wide variety of relatively easy running and total body tasks, but with no rest, no pause etc… steady work, and I’ve got to tell you, they (especially our last one!) kicked our asses! The 60 minute one last Tuesday was one of the hardest workouts I have done in years. I will post it later this week, if anyone wants to give it a try! 🙂

Lisa and I got our “Heart Check” done this week, and while she was perfect on everything (imagine that!) Dave was improved, but still needed work… Cholesterol was down nearly 100 points, but needed 4 more to be optimal. Triglycerides were also a bit high, but my BMI and HDL (GOOD) cholesterol were all optimal, so I think all of our hard work is paying off!

This week, things seemed to turn back around. Even after killing ourselves on Tuesday, I went out for a short run Wednesday, just trying to relax, and ended up with one of the fastest runs down the Big Hill I have had in years… 22:40 down and back for 2.8, including the Big Hill, and there was lots left in the tank, so to speak.

With GWGF next week, workout time is at a premium. I only have sporadic times, but you do what you can. On Thursday evening, I went out at 10:00 p.m., with my new reflective vest and headlamp (my wife is such a romantic!) and again, had a great run, doing 4.1 miles in 30:04.

Today (Saturday) Jeni came out, and we went for a run, attempting to try out her new ‘towing’ rig: We went to Centennial Trail, planning on doing the 6 miles up and over Bennett Bay Hill and back. We started out relaxed, but cruising, and after 1 mile, we were at 8:11! Leveled out a bit, but we were still at 16:46 after 2 miles, which is quite a bit quicker than Jeni is used to going, but we were both really feeling pretty good.

We used the tow rig over the hill (I tried to get her to haul my ass over the hill, but I lost “rock-paper-scissors”) and completed the 3 miles out in 25:35. On the way back, we just steadied it in, using the tow rig only up the last hill, and completed a fairly difficult 6 miles with 3 medium to large hills in 50:43, or 8:27/mile average! Yeah for Jeni!!!

After that, we headed back to the gym and did a bunch of upper body and abs stuff. Lisa has been fighting off the flu for a couple of weeks, but this past few days, she has fallen prey, and today, she feels like crap :(.

I hope to get out again tomorrow for one last long run, and then it’s a mad dash to the weekend. I have sworn that I will get in at least 3 workouts during GWGF (likely Thursday, Sunday, Monday) and I hope that Morgen, Jeni, Kelley, Rick and Lisa will all be joining me for at least the Sunday-Monday outings, and, of course, I expect they will get out without me as well.

On the race front, it looks like we will be hosting an event of our own next summer in the CDA area. I really hope that we can make it to Tahoe to train on last year’s course, and at altitude… dates anyone? I also think that we should try to volunteer to go and help run one of the series races to see how they go from “both sides of the fence.”

Bloomsday weekend is May 3ish (the first weekend in May) and it would be great if everyone can make it out so we can do the race, and do a couple of days of serious training with all 3 disciplines. Let us know, and we will help out!

One of the books Jeni got for us recommends that every week we should be doing a minimun 6 – 8 hour training day at least once per week… I hope to make it Sundays. I’m actually really looking forward to it: Kayak for 90 minutes, bike/run for 4 hours, strength and speed for another hour or so.

I’m starting to look at arrangements for the trip already, including housing. Anyone have any ideas to add before I really get into it?

This year, PQ–“Primal Quest” is being held in Montana near Bozeman, and I hope to get out to see some of it, and maybe even volunteer for a day or two. Also, it turns out there is a 3 day “tune up” race for it, and while that might be a bit out of our range this year, I think we should look at it for next year, maybe… I REALLY want to do at least one  3 day event!

I think that a 24 hour isn’t out of the question for this year either, depending on how our training goes… perhaps we have a 6 – 12 hour team, and a 24 hour team… what do you think?

I love being involved with this venture, with this wonderful group… you guys have given me the incentive to get up of fthe couch, given me a goal and a reason to get–and more importantly–stay fit! I thank you all, and I love you all, and I can’t wait to do this!



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  1. rickmccharles

    I would prefer the 6-12hr for Big Blue in September. That will already be LONG considering we often train for only 1-2hrs.

    After that I’d be keen to try any of the Adventure Races including overnight versions.

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