Down the hill and back with Lisa, Kelley and Rick

After our in-gym exploits yesterday, and a rather long weekend, we still decided to get out and do one last run before Kelley hit the road Tuesday a.m.

Speaking of Kelley, there was a little moaning and groaning, with some serious Advil consumption, but she was a trooper, and was ready to go this morning.

The original plan was to get out on the road by 7:00, and dutifully, though with a significant amount of grumbling, lisa and I climbed out of bed at 6:45, dressed in our cold weather gear, and then, after failing to roust either Rick or Kelley, climbed back into bed, still fully dressed. The plan was revised for a 9:00 a.m start, so, of course, shortly after 10:00, we hit the road.

The plan was to do a longer, slower run, working on the aerobic base, yet again… this must be what all of those “serious” athletes call “putting in your time on the road.” We set a goal of runnng down to Silverwood and back, a distance of 7.6 miles, or 100 meters longer than Bloomsday.

Rick, our team videographer captured many “epic” shots as the FARTS trudged through the quiet, clear morning, the peaceful soltitude only shattered by the occasional passing UPS truck, and a fleet of menacing, dark blue suburbans…

For those of you who haven’t experienced the “out and back,” the “back” is pretty much all up hill, so it was a good trek. We tried to keep up a steady 10:00 pace, and we did the entire run at a 10:07 average, which is pretty good with the hills. Good aerobic training!

Jeni is coming out tonight, and we’ll do another in-gym workout, so it’s been a pretty good couple of days workout-wise.

 Thank you all for the inspiration, and the motivation to get my ass up off the couch!



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