Recruiting new FARTS!

Dave is on a quest to fill out our final roster spot, and actually try to get a third FARTeam up and going…

 Jody Rozin and Chris Lawson would be EXCELLENT additions, and great FARTS, especially if we can’t get Ian Adamson…

Jody is a coach at FUN now, but she’s also an ER doc, rock climber, marathon runner, and really tough. Chris has years of running, training and triathlon/duathlon experience, topped off with being married to Debbie, who could also be a FART if she wants.

Teammates have to be ready for altitude, heat, and stress and be able to keep up a great attitude, all the while working in cooperation with at least 3 others… I can’t wait!

Waiting to hear from Jody and Chris soon!

Rick and I went out for a fast 4 miles today… both of us had some pretty tired legs, and Rick started coming down with the Crud.

I’m planning on getting in one more longish, slower run tomorrow, and then enjoy my day off (Friday!) before heading to Seattle, where I’ll get at least a couple of runs in. Monday, we’re planning on meeting Jeni at EWU for a good long multisport workout. Should be fun!

I got the BRRC (Bloomsday Road Racers Club) rag today, with all the details of the local road races leading up to Bloomsday and the summer season. I’d love to get in a couple of runs to get a good seeding for the big day, though our weekend of FART training is more of a priority.

Asics Trail Runner shoes were on sale at Tri-State today… very tempting!

 Would love to hear what everybody’s doing!

 Keep it up, and go FARTS!


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