Dr. J’s log

Hi all you FARTS! It was sure great to see everyone at GWGF last week. I came away infused with even more motivation after seeing how each of you has taken on your training with such gusto! Kudos to us all.

So I’ve been a little remiss in my posting of training, mainly because I forgot how to get into the website, and I didn’t want to admit it to anyone! Thanks Rick for the help…

So here’s what I’ve been up to. Keep in mind again that I only count training time as the time actually spent in energy system training (i.e., continuous movement – intervals, long runs, biking etc). I do NOT count weight training, gymnastics, yoga, paintball, Twister games, or anything else as ‘training’ (although we could argue the point!). I also log total running miles, biking miles, and hiking – those things that actually make up our race. I also jot quick notes if I am tired, not recovering, nagging pain, etc. This helps me monitor my training threshold. I have a cool graph showing everything but I don’t know how to post an excel graph to this site… any suggestions Rick? Ok, so here’s the low-tech display of what I’ve been doing;

Jan 07 4:00 (total hrs energy syst) 12.71 (total running miles)
Jan 07 5:07 (total hrs energy syst) 9.40 (total running miles)
Jan 07 5:06 (total hrs energy syst) 9.02 (total running)
Jan 07 6:06 (total hrs energy syst) 16.44 (total running)
Feb 07 6:20 (total hrs energy syst) 15.55 (total running)
Feb 07 6:42 (total hrs energy syst) 18.84 (total running)
Feb 07 6:58 (total hrs energy syst) 16.5 (biking miles) 15.90 (running)
Feb 07 5:25 (total hrs energy syst) 12.83 (total running) – *lingering fatigue, unresolved knee pain

So there you have it! I am hoping to race on April 19, so my periodization plan is changing for the next 5 weeks. I am lumping training hours into long weekend sessions, preparing to be working continuously for 6-8 hours; getting more bike time; and doing biking/running/biking transitions. Unfortunately I probably can’t squeeze any more total hours per week in due to work <sigh>, but hopefully rearranging the hours will prove to be beneficial for specificity.

Sorry such a long post; had to make up for lost time!!

Happy Training.


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