Seattle Training and more

Last Friday marked my day off after a pretty busy week… Gymfest ended Sunday, and from Monday to Thursday I logged 23.5 miles, plus 3 in-gym workouts, including Kieth’s “virgin” workout.  We travelled to Seattle on Friday, and helped John and the Gym East crew set up for “Battle in Seattle.” On Saturday, Rick and I went out for a very nice 6 miles along the pier and through the new Elliott Bay park. We finished with an invigorating sprint up the stairs to the Market from the waterfront.

On Sunday, after the coach’s party Saturday night, Rick, Morgen and I staggered out at 6:30 (!) for about 6.5 miles. I must say that the first bit caught me swearing to myself for drinking a glass or two too much wine 4 hours earlier, but we finished in style, completing the trek in 52.17. Good work, guys!  In all, I logged a little over 35.4 miles last week, plus in-gym, so it was a pretty good week.

Lisa is still sick, and getting worse. We finally took her in to the doc in the box today, and she didn’t even protest, which shows how sick she feels. She is now on antibiotics, codiene cough meds and rest. With any luck, she will be better by next week, and back to training.

Today, we were supposed to meet with Jeni, but Lisa’s illness postponed it a week. Instead, we stopped at Costco, and Lisa and I are now proud owners of a two-person kayak, complete with paddles and car carrier! Can’t wait to get out and try it!

Back to the Pack… 

 When we got home from Seattle today, I got Lisa set up on the couch, and then I headed out for a little jog… I only went the 7.6 miles down to the highway and back, but I added an 8 pound pack for fun.

I had forgotten how much of a difference even 8 lbs makes, especially on the 2 big hills! I was aiming to do the run in 9:20 avg, but ended up at about 9:32… not too bad, but a hard trek. WAY slower than the 8:00 or so I could do it in “naked.”

I’m planning on running with the pack 4 or 5 of my 6 weekly workouts from now through June, when I want to do a little speed work.

Have been doing lots of reading on AR, and we have quite a bit of work to do, and LOTS to discuss, including diet, navigation, gear, fixing bikes etc, and delegating the tasks out. Rick has semi-volunteered to be the bike mech, and is interested in taking a class or a tour to hone his skills. I’m working on navigation stuff, and I know Jeni is doing LOTS of the research for us to use, but there is a LOT to learn.

On that point, I must stress that for the 6-12 hour race, much, if not most of the things we are discussing are only semi-important… things like transitions, overnight stuff, support teams etc aren’t factors. For the short races, having lots of good socks, eating well, hydrating and navigating seem to be the keys, but as we move on toward 24 hour races, and possibly even a 3 day event, these things become increasingly more important, and I think they will make us better racers and better athletes, whether we need them for Sept or not, so I’m going to soak in as much as I can.

Thank you for all of your support, your committment and your effort! I can’t wait for September!



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