Who are the FARTS?

The FARTS – Funtastics Adventure Racing Team – was started by Rick McCharles and Dave and Lisa Adlard, who decided on a run through Farragut State Park, to start an AR team, and then went home, called a bunch of their close friends and talked them into it. The other “Founding FARTS” include Andy Tucker, Jeni McNeal, and injured FART-Emeritus Cliff Parks. They, in turn, recruited Kelly Durbin and Morgen Hartford of Montana over the next few months, to form the nucleus of the current FART roster.

Since then, there are a number of other folks who are being recruited, or have expressed interest in joining us. These include Olympians John Roethlisberger and Jay Thornton and national team member Dan Gill, Jody Rozin, Chris Lawson, Heidi Wolf, and Rachael Tart. Keith McAlpine has been participating in the “in-gym” workouts, and is a “fringe” FART… 🙂

Everyone has different backgrounds, different skills and different experiences, but they all share one thing in common: the interest in getting fitter and sharing the camaraderie of an ultimate challenge in the company of a team of friends.

Being on a team gives you motivation, goals, and a competitive challenge, and helps you keep at it… it’s hard to quit when your team is there cheering you on, and when your whole team must finish together. This is one time when peer pressure is great!

We’re still looking for more FARTS for training and racing, so spread the word, come join the fun, and hey, Go FARTS!


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