Upping the mileage, and getting more interest!

I have switched my weekly “accounting” of mileage to a Saturday – Thursday system, still working on keeping Friday as a day off.

After last Saturday, I did a leisurely 5.6 on Sunday, but got after it again on Monday, doing 3.6 in the a.m. with pack, kayaking 4 miles with Lisa, riding 12 in the p.m., and running 4 more. Also, I increased my pack weight by a pound to 9 pounds, without water.

Tuesday was a pretty hectic day, and for the first time in a while, I didn’t get out on a running day… to top it off, Jeni got sick and couldn’t make our evening “in-gym,” and so, Tuesday was an uxpected rest day 😦

Wednesday was better, and I did a nice 8 miles over Bennet Bay while Lisa was in Yoga, and then we kayaked for 50 minutes after… warning: Kayaking is WAY harder in even a slight breeze or against waves… practice this! Wednesday night, Keith was back for another dose of punishment, and we did the Long Slow 3 circuit, which has quite a bit of arms in it. Today, he said he needed a morphine drip! 🙂

Thursday, I did the 6 mile loop, really working at keeping the HR under 140, and was pretty successful. Feels wierd running that slow, but I trust Dave Norona’s advice… I mean the guy has completed seven (7!) Eco-Challenges! Keith, Rachael and I did a modified workout tonight, with a bit more intensity, and I was able to chat to a couple of younger guys in the free-running class, one who is fresh out of the army, and the other who is a good runner. They both might be interested, and I am sending them the blog address.

Speaking of interest, Jody from Destira leos is a marathoner, and is very cool, and she is also interested. We hope to get together and run in PDX in a couple of weeks. Talked to John R today, and he and his guys are 90% in!  The FARTS are growing! Looking forward to a couple of good training sessions with Jeni this weekend, and I think I’m taking Keith out jogging… should be fun! (for me…)

Ended this week just shy of 40 miles, about 1/2 with the pack, plus 33 biked, almost 13 kayaked, and 2 “in-gyms.” One of my best weeks yet. Finally broke through the 30 lb loss barrier as well, cracking the scales at 31 off this a.m… doing better on the diet, less sweets, less late night eating, more salads… hopefully I can get the last 9 of my goal off by June.

How is everyone else doing? Hello? Anyone training? We’d love to hear what and how everyone’s doing. Hope training is going well for you all! I love the lifestyle changes it has caused for me, and I’m never going back!



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