knee brace could power yer iPod

The good doctor was interested in this ivory tower research:

… a unique and useful device that will use your body movements while walking to charge up your batteries for a whole host of gadgets. As a human dynamo you will effortlessly produce enough energy to power up your mobile for 30 minutes form just one minute walking.

The dynamo is strapped to your knee and works as you move, using a process that similar to those found in hybrid cars. Each one of your steps will generate power using the car technology known as ‘regenerative braking’. The knee brace has a series of gears and sensors that are used to assist your muscles in the walking action and simultaneously produce electricity.


Your energy harvesting efforts will give off 5 watts of electricity (for a slow walk), and at 1.6kg and aesthetically-challenged this early version is not quite ready for either the rigours of daily living or the catwalk.

full story with photos – Charge Batteries While You Walk – Knee Brace Dynamo – Trend Hunter

The brace does look awkward and heavy to me. I’ll wait on nano wires in your underwear technology.


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