Looking forward…

Well, I’ve got some time today to catch up on all the posts, since I’m still down-for-the-count with gastroenteritis (fancy word for a REALLY upset tummy….). Haven’t eaten basically for 4 days, which should make for an interesting stress test for Sundays workout with Dave and Lisa. Despite the abdominal issues, I’ve managed a few very low intensity workouts this week, but definitely this is a ‘rest’ week for me while I try to win the battle against this virus. Hope you all can stay away from it. Wash your hands, and stop double-dipping in the chip dip!

Looking forward to racing in MT in 5 weeks (yikes!). So much to do in such little time! I don’t even have a bike yet! I’m going next weekend to recon the area, and work on my orienteering skills. The GrizzlyMan website has lots of training tips, and even some cool orienteering worksheets for those so inclined to navigate. The local REI has been hosting weekend educational seminars in prep for the race, so I will visit while I am in MT and get up to speed with the latest info. They cut registration off at 300 (!), so it sounds like a big race. Can’t wait!!!!

It is very exciting to see our group growing so much. I have never really been a ‘team’ member, so this is a very new and exciting experience for me. I wouldn’t have thought that anything/anyone would push me harder than myself, but you all are doing a great job of keeping me on task!

Train smart, train healthy,

Dr. Jeni


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