Been Traveling, Been Busy, Been Training

Hello Team,

It’s been a while since my last post.  I have been training, but I have been very busy, primarily traveling.  The good news is I got to see all of you at GWGF and that means so much to me.  That was the first time I ran since I got my lift to help out my knee problem.  That’s right folks, I’m moving up on the left leg 9mm.  It’s not the size that counts, its the balance :).  Things seem to be working out.  I have been able to run now without pain.  I also agree with Dave and have been doing my research on Base Training – slow and steady will complete the race.  For me this is hard as my normal pace puts me in the 160 bpm range and I should be more in the 144-153 range.  I am going to slow it down and extend the time next week while I am on my cruise.  The first time I blogged was on my cruise in November and I guess it’s time to get back at it.

Where to begin?  I finally went on my first bike ride with my new bike. 15.3 miles on a nice 40 degree sunny day.  I carried a 5lb pack – the one D&L gave me.  That thing is really cool, I read the the uses and it is amazing and it worked great.  I do have to say that elevation and hills will make that bike ride a lot more difficult.  Learning how to use the gears will be crucial.  I also experimented eating and drinking on bike – it’s not as easy as it looks, especially if you are on trails.  Lesson 1: always look forward, your bike goes where your head goes.

When I got done with the ride, I went on a 6 mile run and added my spin shoes to the pack.  The run started slowly and the pack felt heavy, but then things warmed up and I felt great even though we ran on concrete through the city (quite a site to see with both of us in tights and me carrying a pack). I carried the pack for 2.78 miles and then dropped it and my friend off at his house and finished my run.  

So what would the weekend be without an AR purchase.  I just bought my bike travel box.  I followed the lead in the AR book Jeni gave me from Ian Admanson.  Crateworks has two models, a corrogated cardboard box and a plastic version.  The plastic version is a life-time purchase where as the cardboard is good for 5- 10 trips.  The only bad things was when the order went in and I thought I selected ground transporation, it selected Fedex Priority Overnight for $254.99.  OOOOOPPPPSSS.  I already have 3 emails and a phone call in to correct that one.  Bottom line, I will be shipping my bike out for our first race and will learn the ins and outs of putting it together.  I need to spend a day at the bike shop and learn how to fix a flat and a few other things – we need a mechanic on the team.

Speaking of needs, we all need to learn how to read one of the crazy orienteering maps.  It looks like spagehtti on steriods and they all look like hills to me.  So I’m letting the brains of this crew take on that responsibility- thanks Dave and Jeni.

Per my trainers advice (thanks Jen) I am writing down all my training on a daily basis.  Here is my log ,I hope it post ok.  One more week of hockey and then it’s running and biking all the time.  I will kayak in the Carribean next week and when I come out to CDA I am planning on doing Bloomsday Training Day and then maybe do some local races until the June trip to Tahoe.  So until my next blog, I hope all training days are good ones.  I miss you guys – a lot.

Andy’s Training Log
R = Running B = biking W = Weights Y = Yoga K = Kayaking H = Hockey J=Joe Dillon P = Precision Barre




   Average/Max  Heart Rate

                Time            Cal 

Avg/Max Cad or Avg Pace

2/28/2008 B, W 10 136 0:53:10 447 71
2/29/2008 H 1:15:00
3/1/2008 R 5 144 0:50:00 10 min/miles knee felt good
3/2/2008 J, R 4 144 55 10 min/miles 1.5 of J and 2.5 of running, did half with 1 lb and half with 2 lb
3/3/2008 Y,P,B 11.7 129/172 56 419 79/131 Stiff this morning for Yoga, Did 10 miles in 48min
3/4/2008 Y  Did Suzy’s Poloties class
3/5/2008 H,Y
3/6/2008 B, W 10 138/170 0:47:00 350 81
3/7/2008 H, 1:15:00
3/8/2008 Y,P,W,R, B  4 R – 11B 144/170  40 – 55 10 min / mile I also walked two miles after weights.  I did begin to cramp in calves during spinning.  Around 3 – 4 hours later sore, but ok
3/9/2008 H 1:30:00
3/10/2008 OFF
3/11/2008 R 6 149/165 0:54:06 660 9.01 min/miles knee felt good, could have gone on forever, 60-65 degrees
3/12/2008 H,Y 1:15:00
3/13/2008 OFF
3/14/2008 H 1:15:00
3/15/2008 W,P,B,R 15.3B – 6R 140/178 – 149/165 1:04:42 – 0:55:34 788 – 660 14.2/20.1B  9:15 min mile – 8.5MPH max R Wore a 5lb pack for Ride, added bike shoes for run for 2.78 miles. Finished with no pack.  Felt good, rolled legs, stiff left leg next day
3/16/2008 H, Y 1:20:00 Played defense only sat 3 shifts.  

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