Gettin’ into the flow!

I’m almost healthy again, and loving the feeling of getting back at it “full-time,” (besides coaching, cooking, running regionals, etc).

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been slowly starting to ramp up my training, keeping an eye on developing my aerobic base: I’ve been doing lots of “slow” miles, working on keeping my pulse under 140, even going up hills. It’s gotten quite a bit easier to run that slow (I can do about 8:15 downhill, 9:30 on the flat but slow to anywhere between 10:45 – 12:40 uphill, depending on the size of the hill) and I hope I am becoming more efficient: Today I did the loop in 1:00 exactly, and didn’t get above 140ish… I did it the other day, but my Garmin ran out of gas, so I don’t have a benchmark… oh well 🙂

Sunday, we got together with Jeni, and it was her turn to devise the “Torture de jour.” Actually, it was a pretty good morning, as we started with a little computer/orienteering work at Jeni’s place, and then headed to Huckleberry’s Natural foods market for a nice breakfast and a bit of healthy shopping, and then we mosied over to Really Expensive Inventory (REI) for a bit. Along with perusing wine stores, browsing/shopping in outdoor stores is one of my new favorite pastimes, despite having to show budgetary restraint this weekend.

On to the workout… we loaded up all four bikes on our cool XL bike rack, and headed toward the Centennial Trail – West Spokane section. Rachael joined us for her first real taste of FART training, not sure exactly what she was in for.

We parked at the base of Doomsday Hill (dark omens for later?) and got on the bikes, headed west along the beautiful trail.

We got about 1/4 mile done, before we hit the first patch of snow. The cool thing, despite not being able to ride, is that we ARed it up the next 3/4’s of a mile uphill alternately running/riding with the bikes. We switched to the main roads for a short bit, and then headed back to the trail, which was mercifully clear. We road an additional 10 miles out to the town of Nine Mile. It is a tough ride, with several good hills.

Lisa did well, and Rachael finished great, just a few minutes back. The way back was even tougher, if possible, and Lisa and Rachael, both on their first real ride of the year, lost their legs on the big hill, though they both finished in good style. The main ride was done, but the day was far from over…

Near the end of the ride, Jeni took us to the site of the suddenly ominous-looking Spokane Falls Community College stadium, and we were not disappointed!

The next item on the list was a track-and-stadium stairs workout, alternating sets of runs up the stadium bleachers with laps of the bright blue track. Lisa and Rachael were thrilled with the additional quad killers after their ride, but finished every step!

A quick mile downhill later, we were done, right? Uh, nope… remember the dark omens? Yup. We loaded up the bikes, and started running up the dreaded Doomsday Hill, not once, but twice! By the end, there was some almost-cramping going on, but now we were REALLY done. We can’t wait until you are all here for Bloomsday in May, so you can all experience it with us! May 2 – 4 is our plan, with the race on Sunday the 4th.

We stopped for Jambas on the way home, and the girls hit the bathtubs.

Today (Monday the 17th), I got up and going, doing the Loop-under-140 BPM. Then Lisa and I put the kayak in the water, planning on 90 minutes/6 miles… the weather was only vaguely cooperative, as it was cold, windy and there were substantial waves. The way out was particularly difficult, and Lisa’s hands were pretty cold, despite the gloves. The way back was better cold wise, but steering was difficult. We ended up doing 5.5 miles in 1:22, which was pretty good in these conditions, really… we were right at the 15min/mile pace.

We changed quickly, and then set out on our run. We did the Tubbs Hill/Boardwalk loop, and then extended it around NIC along the dike road for a total of 5 miles. I wore my pack (10 pounds this week) and felt the morning run. Lisa did well, especially with tired legs from yesterday.

My goal this week is 39 miles run, 40 miles bike and 10 miles kayak, plus 3 in-gyms… we’ll see how it goes!



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