Kelley is a maniac!

Lisa just got off the phone with Kelley, and she is SUCH a maniac! I love it!

Yesterday, we were talking about training, and I mentioned that she needed to start biking some. Well, Kelley took that as a direct challenge, and so, today, with a healthy “I’ll show those MotherF****ers,” she got on her bike… 36 miles worth! Yes, you read that right… 36 miles.

She is bound and determined not to be the “Weak Link,” and is well on her way!

This Sunday, she is going to an REI clinic on bike repair… addictive personality, perhaps? Hmmm… sounds vaguly familiar, like someone else I know… can’t place them though… I’ll have to ask my wife.

Now, I still havn’t heard from the Schmorg about what he’s doing, but it sounds like his boss is aiming to kick his ass!

Go Montana!


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