Upcoming FART dates!

Hey, everyone!

Lisa, Jeni and I (mostly Lisa and Jeni) sat down and did some “calendering” for the next few months, and here are some dates to tentatively put on your calendar:

April 19:    Grizzlyman AR Race in Missoula! Go Andy and Jeni!

May 2 – 4:  Our FART Bloomsday Training Weekend:  We hope that everyone will try to come in on the Friday evening, and on Saturday, we have a pretty full day, including a Kayak lesson with a pro, an orienteering tutorial, and GREAT workout, and a Dave cooked dinner, a little vino and some fun as we sleep over at Jeni’s.

Sunday, we are going to run the 12 K Bloomsday race (7.5ish miles for those of you with nes pas metric) and then we’re going to head out to Cheney for another great workout, and hopefully, a ropes skills course training.

June 7 – 9:     Tahoe!  We are planning on getting together in Lake Tahoe to run last year’s race, get some altitude training in, and get the “lay of the land,” so to speak. Todd Jackson, the meet director, will be in town, and has offered to show us around! Lisa and Dave are working on lodging for all, and we REALLY hope everyone can make it, as this is one of the few opportunities we will have to do a dress rehearsal! Try to make it a priority, if you can!

June 25 – July 2:  HPTC! We are in camp mode, but always find lots of time for workout. Also, the 3rd-6th is a “holiday” for us, and we plan to get out of town and do some great training and enjoy one another’s company!

August 23 – 31:   Hawaii! (Tentatively). Dave and Lisa are REALLY working and hoping to get back to Hawaii for some SCUBA, rappelling, kayaking, running, hiking etc, in paradise, and we would love to have you! We are going to try to get a time share or house that we can split the cost of, a car or two, buy our own food, and get out and do something for 8 straight days with our dearest friends! Join us!

September 17 – 22:  The Race!!! Yes, it’s finally here! We currently plan on leaving Wednesday evening and arriving sometime late Thursday afternoon, carrying our bikes, kayaks and gear with us.

We are already looking at housing, hopefully enough for all of us, though it may be that we are sleeping on couches/floors etc, depending on what we can get. Anyone that has leads, please forward them to us.

We hope to get in a VERY light workout in Friday, and then, Saturday, we race! At this point, we are planning on the 6 – 12 hour race, though by then, some of us may try to do the 24 hour. I’ve heard a rumor that they may be on different days (Sat/Sun?) and we COULD possibly do both… ooh!

Sunday, (if we’re not racing again!) I think the girls are planning on a spa day, and the guys may golf, relax, spa, or a combination of the above. We will leave first thing Monday, and will drive the entire way back to CDA. Let us know your plans, and let’s get this organized and on the books!

BTW, I will need everyone’s entry fee for the race pretty soon… I will let you know the amount and date ASAP. Also, I’m assuming that we will just split the cost of lodging, food, cars, etc while we are there. Agreed? Questions?

May 2009(?)… Dave’s ultimate goal (at least as of now…) is to try a 3 day race… possibly the PQ warm-up race. Anyone else up for it?

 That’s it for now. Thank you all for the inspiration to make a much-needed lifestyle change that has been one of the best things to ever happen to me! I’m never going back, and I will never look at a challenge the same way… nothing will ever be impossible or out of reach again!

I love you all!



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