Take Two

Since Saturday went so well with the bike/run brick, I decided to do it again indoors yesterday.  I did yoga at 6:00 am and got a great stretch, this is going to be the key to my longevity.  Then at 5:30 pm I lifted weights for 45 minutes and then went to spinning for an hour.  I did 10 miles in 50 minutes, stretched for a few minutes and then ran 3.5 miles in 35 minutes.  The first mile is always hard, but after that I felt really good. I potentially was going to go longer, but didn’t want to over do it and I ran out of water and didn’t want to have to stop to refill.  It is amazing how you can tell when your body needs food and water and I think the key is to try and keep it feed before it is screaming – CRAMP. 

I went home, iced up the knee, took 600mg IBU and tossed and turned most of the night.  I think the night after the race will require 1200mg IBU and drinking so I can pass out and not feel the pain.  Good news is that I woke up this morning feeling great.  Today is very busy work wise and I have a Maccabi meeting until 9:00ish tonight so I may just get my fast walk/weight program in when I get home.  Every other day on the hard stuff is probably my best bet for long term joint care. 

One final note, thanks to the Spokane and CDA folks for sending over the rain.  It’s 40 and rainy all week, so lots of indoor training 🙂 . 


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