A BUSY last week!

Last week was my first major “ramp up” in training:

~ Saturday:  Did a fairly pathetic 6 miles in the a.m. before heading to Spokane for a meet.

~ Sunday: Had a great workout, ala Jeni. I wrote it up last week, but basically, we biked 20, did a bunch of laps and stairs, and then Doomsday twice.

~ Monday: Ran 6 in the a.m., then Lisa and I kayaked 5.5, and ran 5 more with a pack.

~ Tuesday: Did a chilly 5 in the a.m, then did a new “In-gym” in the evening.

~ Wednesday: Rode 12 COLD miles, and ran 8 while Lisa did Yoga, then did 3.56 in the evening with our “In-gym” (now “in and out of gym”) group before a great inside workout.

~ Thursday:  Ran 4.6 in the afternoon, and did 7 circuits in the evening… we’d hoped to kayak, but it was snowing and too cold.

Ended at 44 miles ran, 32 biked, and kayaked 5.5. Also did 3 in-gyms.

Started this week with a 3.5 mile MASSIVE hill run… the main hill was 1.1 miles, and so steep that on the way down, you had to brake!

We are hoping to do a major 5 hour workout, if Jeni feels better. The CDA press is sending a photographer to take our pictures for an article about AR and the FARTS!

Hope everyone is training hard… would love to see what you’re doing… hint, hint…



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