Our motto?

I’d like to maybe incorporate this as our motto… maybe Rick can make it into a side banner that stays up? What do you think?

“…You have to train with other people because it is not about how fast you can run, ride or swim. It’s really not much about you at all except that you are physically fit and you are able to hang out with the rest of the team. It is more about communicating with your team and, as a group of people, being able to accomplish these goals, helping each member to cross the line as part of the team.

…and, above all, whether we race to win or to finish, we will celebrate the friendship and camaraderie that called each of us to our group. Go FARTS!”


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One response to “Our motto?

  1. rickmccharles

    I like the theme. But as a “motto” it is too long.

    Something more like …

    “There is no I in FART.”

    Now that’s a motto.

    Rick … kayaking in Hawaii Monday

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