Cruisin Talk

Hello Team,

Boy has it been hot down here.  Training is going well, but sleep is going better.  I read that Lance Armstrong sleeps from 10 to 12 hours a night; of course he rides 150 miles a day – what’s the difference.  Anyway, I did a brick 35 minutes running, 50 minutes riding, been lifting, walking stairs and the ship.  This ship is 1,112 ft long and we are in the very last cabin on the stern of the ship and the gym is in the front so I have to walk nearly a quarter mile just to get to the gym.  It’s good though, I have been partaking in the desserts.

I did take a 72 minute run for 8 miles in the sun the other day.  I felt great.  I did another walking jogging mile as well.  I climb the rock wall a couple of times just to get used to that again.  Today, we went horseback riding (is that part of this race?) and then came back and rode for an hour and did 12 miles.

Tomorrow is kayaking in Cozemel.  I’m going to put Austin in the boat with me and when he tucker outs (very much pun intended) I will paddle for both of us.

So that’s the news from the Caribbean.  I really miss you guys and can’t wait to put in our weekend of training at Doomsday hill.



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