Rick in Hawaii

I’ve been working on my lava overhang cliff climbing.


Dave wants everyone to update where we are at training-wise.

I’ve been on “holidays” for the past 2wks. But plan many 3-12hr days of adventuring next week, once I am on my own on the Garden Isle.

Longterm, I am not worried about cycling or kayaking, but my uphill trail running is still a weakness. I may run the “ups” and walk the downhills next week as a training exercise. I’ll be jiking all over volcanic Kauai.

My upper and core body strength are worse than just a few years ago. Will need work on muscular endurance too.

All the best to everyone else in their training!



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2 responses to “Rick in Hawaii

  1. jmcneal

    Oh, I’m jealous of the sunny photo Rick! Sounds like you are enjoying your holiday. Hope to see you at Bloomsday! – Jeni

  2. shmorg

    Lookin’ good, Rick! You ever let go just for fun? I saw this great climbing video once of something like that in Thailand. When tired, they would drop 50 + feet below. Keep it up! When do we see you again? Also, I would like to make a post. I have an account, but do not see a way to post to this blog. Ideas?

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