Hello from Colorado Springs,

I’m here at the Oly Training Center, surrounded by the elite of the elite, with awesome facilities, and mostly what I can do is lay in bed. I attend lectures on periodization from 8-5:30 each day, hit a quick dinner, and then try to rest. I am exhausted from coughing, which is made worse being in this cold, dry air. I managed a 20 min bike this morning, but was sweating profusely and woozy. I gave it up for the rest of this week to see if I can get well! Bill (Dr. Sands) is yelling at me too for not ‘recovering’ from my training and letting myself get sick…. sheesh. I can’t get a break!

Last week I managed to accumulate 11 hrs, 16min of energy system training, with a total of 26.4 miles of running, and about 39 miles of biking. This week began with the ‘stress test #2’, and so far I have not added much to that total due to travel and mostly sickness. I intend on hiking the infamous ‘incline’ (a nasty set of stairs leading straight up the side of Pike’s Peak) 3-4 times on Saturday and Sunday though, no matter WHAT state of health I am in.

Next week I travel to Indianapolis for diving training camp, and will have a tough time getting workouts in then as well. Those are 14 hour days every day… and sometimes we get a snack break if things go well! I’m confident that if I can just manage a couple of short workouts each week, I’ll maintain where I am at through this travel schedule and illness.

Keep up the good work, FARTS!

Dr. J 


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