Mountain Hardware Scrambler day pack

I’m giving a mixed review to my new $55 day pack. When I bought it I thought it was “perfect” for a sprint race.

back pack

Now I am still looking for something that sits tighter to my torso. Leave a comment if you have found one you like.



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2 responses to “Mountain Hardware Scrambler day pack

  1. Morgen

    The Big Blue site has some listed under the “sponsors” section that look pretty good. Ultimate direction has what looks to be some super technical race packs, but the price tag on what looks like a similar model is $139 US. I saw a deal at our local REI on an Osprey pack about the same size for around $60. Some ideas. Bummer that it isn’t what you were hoping for.

  2. Go!

    Lowe Alpine Contour packs, the smaller ones, like the Mountain Marathon at 32 liters might be what you are looking for. Has a hipbelt, and the lower portion of the pack is cut and sewn in a shape that contours itself into the curve of your lower back.

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