training like an Ironman in Hawaii

I have only had about 4 “good” runs over the past 4 months. Today was one of them.

Cruising about 80min (with stops at the playground for conditioning) and it seemed effortless. (No pack, flat trail.) Seemed I could continue at that pace for another 60min or more. Easy.

Perhaps my week of trail running, hiking and jiking on Kauai is starting to pay off. (Photos and trip reports to come.) I had 7 good training days out of 8 in series. Clearly my time on the island is ripped me into shape:

On kayaking, Morgen. Unless we get unlucky, I think that will be the easiest discipline, requiring the least training. If it’s on a lake, that is.

But what do I know? In my only kayak race on Kauai, we finished 4th. Beating only a solo, rookie WOMAN paddler.

(I’m not sure my partner was pulling his weight.)


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  1. Dave Adlard

    Wow… you look good! Love the longer hair, too!

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