Okay, everybody… are you ready?!?

It’s getting warmer, and that means… yes, we’re getting closer to Race Time! Actually Big Blue is only 160 days away!

Here’s what’s coming up in the next little while:

April 18 – 21 Regionals Weekend: Jeni and Andy are racing in Montana on Saturday. On Sunday, about 6:00 ish, all of us here, including Jodi, hope to run the Bloomsday course and THEN go to the coach’s social…

May 2 – 4: Bloomsday Weekend!

Okay, here we go… Dave, Lisa and Jeni are pleased to be your hosts and cruise directors for the weekend. And now, your entree…

Friday, May 2: Everyone arrives at Dave and Lisa’s in the late afternoon at the latest. That evening, we are going to head out and have some real “dark” fun!

> Orienteering: Even though we’ll likely have a couple of navigators, EVERYONE needs to be able to orient a map, find “north” (not as easy as it sounds!) and maybe get found… remember that running really fast in the wrong direction is bad. Dave is going to set up an orienteering course and conduct a basic map and compass session at Farragut, and on the “home” property.

> Our first “Night Hike and Bike!” Yes, that’s right! After tromping after our compasses, we are going to do a true nighttime bike ride and run! Estimated start time is 9:00 – 10:00ish, and will likely last 3 – 4 hours total.


> Bike

> Helmet (yes, even Jeni!)

> Padded bike gloves (trust me!)

> Water bottles or Hydration pack good for 4 hours

> A GOOD bike light and batteries

> A helmet mounted light that can be converted to normal head use for the run

> A whistle

> A simple medical kit

> An AR compass

> Bike lock

> CLEAR sunglasses (for bugs and branches. These are a must!)

> Layers for warmth (we’re going rain or not, so bring stuff for warm weather, cool weather and wet weather. Please try to bring lots of thin layers, rather than bulky ones)

> A hat (Trust me! Plus you’ll need it for your light)

> Running shoes

> Wet weather gear (hopefully not!)

> A sense of humor! (Mandatory!)

After our adventure, we will have a “slumber party” at Lisa and Daves, and sleep in a little on Saturday.


When we wake up, Dave will cook a little breakfast as you all sit in the hot tub. After that, we’ll pack up and hit the road for a great day of training!

> A Kayak lesson on Lake Coeur d’ Alene with a pro who will help us make our strokes as efficient as possible. There will be some sort of charge for renting the boats, but it will be very reasonable.


> Kayak gloves

> Wet/dry/kayak suit if desired… you’ll get wet, and the water will still be nippy!

> Water shoes, hopefully water proof ones.


> Your paddle if you want

> A whistle


> After that, we will run Tubbs hill (gently!) as a loosener

> We’ll head to Cheney for a ropes course where we will work with rapelling, ascending and traverses amongst other elements that we might encounter.


> LEATHER palmed gloves (they MUST be leather. Synthetics don’t work well)

> A climbing harness if you have one

Following the climbing lesson, we’ll head to the Convention Center to pick up our entry packets, timing chips and visit the running trade show. It’s quite fun.

Then we’ll Slumber party at Jeni’s, and Dave will cook dinner. I hope that we can get Peggy Gaudet, the young lady from Sandpoint who just finished the incredible “Marathon of the Sands” in Morocco join us to share her stories. I have spoken to her, and she’s doing great, though her feet are kind of beat up. It is an amazing event! I’m hoping she’ll decide to race with us, or at least do some training!

I also hope we can get Bill Buley of the CDA Press to join us. Bill just wrote an excellent article on our little group, but more importantly, he is an accomplished athlete and Ironman (yes, the real thing!) and his knowledge and skills would be a great addition.


We’ll get up relatively early. It starts at 9:00, but we’ll need to leave about 8:00 a.m. Bring OLD sweats you don’t mind losing to wear before the race. One of the big traditions is that when the race starts, everyone throws their sweats into the trees. These are later donated to charity.

The race is 7.46 miles, and is a lot of fun, with bands and entertainment along the way. We can either run as a whole group, or run in smaller groups with people of like interst/ability… thoughts?

The entry deadline is April 20! Because Lisa and I have done the race before, it is very easy for us to add additional racers to our account so we can all be seeded together.

I NEED FROM YOU (within the next 3 days – by April 16 at the latest!)

> Name and middle initial

> D/O/B

> Address

> T-shirt size

The cost will be $17, payable to Dave and Lisa.

After the race, we’ll meet up in the meeting up area (I’m not kidding!) and have some lunch, and then head out to Cheney for a good bike ride, somewhere around 25 – 30 miles, I bet.

To finish, we can go out to dinner for those staying around, while the travelers can head out. We would, of course, be thrilled to have anyone come back out and stay with us as long as you want.

We are REALLY looking forward to this weekend… we hope you are too! PLEASE get me the info ASAP so I can get everyone registered for the race. If, for some reason, you are NOT planning on being here for the weekend, please let me know now.

Other stuff:

May 15 – 19: Orlando: Dave and Lisa will be Orlando for Nationals, but will have a couple of “free” days. Can you come up with a good excuse to join us? Beach, running, swimming, drinking… we hope to have a time share, so lodging will be cheap and/or free!

June/July: We are still working on the pre-Tahoe Tahoe trip, and will keep you informed. HPTC will be good training time for everyone, and most of us will be here for some of it. Camp finishes on July 2… on the 3rd, we relax a bit, do a parade on the morning of the 4th, and then “git outta town” for some camping, training and fun for the 4th – 6th. We hope you’ll all be joining us!

Also in June, Bill will be doing Ironman Coeur d’ Alene! Go Bill !! We’ll be there to cheer you on! (Did I mention to anyone that last week I had a dream that I did Ironman? Maybe it’s a sign! (Dave the Ironman… hmmm has a nice ring to it…))

August: The last week (leading up to Labor Day) is when we are planning on heading to Hawaii. This will be a trip of a lifetime. You won’t regret it, and we’ll get lots done. We also are planning on doing some SERIOUS rapelling, a SCUBA course, oceam kayaking, surfing and more. We would LOVE if you would all join us! We will split the cost of a timeshare or even a house (if there are enough of us!) and it will be surpsingly affordable for a vacation in paradise!

September: Race month! Lots more to come, but we’ve got to nail down the nutrition, the teams, the taper week etc leading up to the race. Plus, we need to know who, if any, is interested in possibly doing the 24 hour race.

Now, I’ve got to say that pretty soon we’ll need to know who’s really going to “fish or cut bait,” so to speak, and commit to the race. We’re going to have to send in our entries soon, as well as start thinking about team make ups. With all of our potential people, we have almost 16 (which is great!) but we need to know who’s really going to make the trip.

If you’re not sure, come and join us for one of our training weekends and see if it (we!) are right for you! We’d LOVE to have everyone (which is why you’re on this list!) but we do need to know within the next couple of months at the latest. I will get the entry deadline and let you know. By doing it as a team, we will get a great deal on our entries, can split costs and pool resources, making it cheaper and better for all of us!

 In all, lots of excitment coming up, and we are SO glad to be in this with all of you!

 Okay, get back to Dave with the needed info, and good training to all!


 Hey, remember to check the blog almost daily for updates and new stuff! It’s at https://fastfarts.wordpress.com/. Please bookmark it as a favorite and make sure our intrepid editor Rick has you “invited” to automatically receive the updates… remember that you have to respond to the link he sends to complete the process! Rick is at rick_mccharles@hotmail.com, amongst others.

 If there is anyone else you know that would be a good fit with us either athletically, and most importantly, attitudinally, pass the address on to them and let them check us out, and then have them contact Dave for more info!

We are still doing our thrice-weekly “In-gym” strength and fitness workouts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8:00, our major training Sundays or Mondays and lots more… get involved and enjoy the time of your life!



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