Wow! A long time without posting…

It’s been two weeks since I’ve posted… sorry for my tardiness! My only excuse is that we are hosting a rather large gymnastics event this coming weekend, which is why Lisa and I aren’t racing with Jeni and Andy this weekend…  (and not too happy about it, actually… :))

That said, we have actually had a fairly productive couple of weeks:

Last week, for the first time I made over 50 miles on the bike, thanks in part to Kelley, who came over on Tuesday for a surprise visit, and got in some good training! Kelley had to show off her brand new Gary Fisher bike, which made a huge difference in her riding. We rode about 12 miles Tuesday afternoon, and then did a “Peloton” run and in-gym workout Tuesday night. On Wednesday am, Kelley and I did a 6 mile bike and 3 mile run before she headed off to yoga with Lisa. I did an easy 8 miles while they stretched and strained.

I got in a couple more runs Thursday and Saturday, and we finished up a major gym renovation project on Sunday.  Lisa also had her “career” best in running and biking distances, and is starting to get over her unhappiness with running. The weather warming up is also helping everyone’s attitude; I actually ran in shorts for the first time this year this morning. (Of course, it’s back to the 30s and 50s as of tomorrow, but the weekend was great!)

Monday, Lisa and I headed out to Cheney to visit Jeni, and her “TdJ” (Torture de Jour). We started with a spinning class. For those who haven’t tried it, especially with Jeni, these can be pretty challenging, to say the least. Next we did 4 sets of max pullups (minimum 10 per set) with 20 pushups between each set. Then we did 50 miserable abs exercises with dumbbells, before heading out to do a set of stadium stairs in the football stadium and then a 6 mile jog through the hills. All in all, a pretty good workout! On the way home, Lisa had a meeting, and so I had her drop me off at Silverwood, and I ran the 3.8 miles up the hill with my gear to finish the afternoon.

With Regionals coming up, the rest of the week wasn’t quite as productive as it could have been but was alright. Tuesday, we did an evening run and in-gym with Corbin and Mike, 2 young guns from the gym who are maybe interested in racing with us as well. Mike is recently out of the military and in good shape, and Corbin is a 800 meter runner (and a pretty darned good one!) currently, who needs to work on his upper body strength more than his running.

Wednesday, Keith was back, and we did another outdoor run of just under 4 miles, with 300 pushups thrown in in sets of 25 along the run. I was also able to get in 9 miles during Lisa’s yoga.

Thursday, Jeni came out (with her new bike!) and we did a “speed” workout, where we ran a very brisk 3.6 miles in 27 minutes, and then a speed test where we timed 10 pullups, 25 pushups, 6 stair climbs and a rope climb as fast as we could go.

Friday is my normal rest day, and Saturday this week, Lisa and I traveled to Corvalis to watch one of our athletes compete (her team made NCAA nationals!) so we had no real time for exercise. The highlight was that I got to pick up MY new (at least to me!) Gary Fisher Paragon in a midnight exchange in a supermarket parking lot (!). it was like some drug deal scene from a movie; Hey, you got any Gary Fishers? I need a fix, man…” “Maybe… show me da money…”

Anyway, it’s a pretty sweet ride, I’ve got to say, though there are a couple of little things I have to have adjusted. I’ve never had a bike with all this cool stuff on it: disk brakes, upgraded shocks, 27 gears, race rims and more.

Sunday a.m., Lisa and I met one of other potential FART recruits, Jodi Levy from Destira Leos, in Portland, and did a beautiful 5.6 miles along the river in Portland. She’s going to run with us next week in Spokane, and try to decide on whether to commit to the race… she’s a Lisa-type cheerleader, and did a 1/2 marathon last weekend, so she can “hang.”

On Sunday afternoon, on our way home, we stopped by EWU and met Jeni for a bike-and-run. I got to ride my new toy, and Lisa rode Jeni’s rode bike, and discovered first hand that the bike does really make a difference. We did 15 miles in just over an hour. The new GF is pretty quick, though I’m still playing with the gears for max efficiency. We then did a gentle 3 miles in 28:08 on a pretty new park route as Jeni startes her taper off for the race next week.

That gets us caught up as we head toward a couple of group get-togethers over the next few weeks! I can’t wait… it’s been too long since we got to hang out and do some training together! Watch for a follow up with some more details for our Bloomsday advanture weekend… BTW, I’m going to need some info from everyone to get us registered by next week! Also, take a look at the “mandatory” equipment list you’ll need for the Bloomsday Adventure!

Good training, everyone!




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