Race Report

Hello All Farts!  Andy and I completed the inaugural adventure race last weekend in Missoula, and it was AMAZING! I’m definitely ‘hooked’ (like I wasn’t before…ha ha). So here is a brief run-down of the race, I’m sure they’ll be more stories next weekend when many of you are here for our big Bloomsday training event.

So, being the sport-science geek I am, I planned my taper pretty carefully, and followed it closely in the days before the race. This included the previous week being my biggest training load (11hours, 43 min), followed by a 5 day taper of 30 min workouts each day. I had been working on my nutrition plan too; what time I’d need to eat race-day, what to eat, etc. Of course on race day, things didn’t work as planned…. and all I got was 3 donut holes and a swig of coffee to get me going! So much for that plan.. Didnt seem to matter much.

The race started with an obstacle course. Andy went down on the slick grass on a corner, but showed impressive agility, rebounding so quick that if you blinked you would have missed it entirely. After running on a zig-zag, we came to the belly-crawl (thanks for the practice, Dave!), followed by a cargo net climb. I did an impressive, Fart-worthy flip over the top, and was rewarded with a nice smack of my face against the metal goal-post crossbar (damn gravity). Then it was off for a little jog before facing Mt Sentinel. Took 48 minutes of intense climbing to reach the top. We took the ‘straight up’ route, rather than the switch-back route which made it exra special. Then we ran down the backside of the mountain, over snow, ice, mud, and loose rock. Orienteering was kind of a cluster-Fu**&*, as we really didn’t have much of an idea of what to do, although we faked it as best we could. We ended up going in circles only once (a 15 minute sidetrip on our route), and made an error on one-check point. The way the races tend to be judged is that you HAVE to get all the points right first, and then they rank you from there so we really need to get these skills, at least one member per team. Of course now I can assure you that I will be an expert at this in a very short period of time, because that’s how I am… (duh). The orienteering mostly took place off-trail, bushwacking through all sorts of terrain. WATCH your ankles! Next we hit bike transition (bikes had to be dropped off before the race), where we had a quick gel, and the race provided some bananas and oranges. Need to work on transition speed, especially in these short sprint races. Can’t waste much time here. Hit the bike route, beginning with a lllooonnnnggg uphill climb, on the lowest gear the whole way. Then it was some major downhill, where I appreciated having my helmet as speeds approached maybe 30-35mph? Became very apparent that a slight mistake in braking, or a stray rock would send you careening off the mountain if you werent careful. Also had to bike over snow and mud. This was followed by a 5 or so mile stretch of flat toward the finish. This was a bit of a grind, you knew the end was near and you had to keep the pace up. I’ll let Andy tell his story of the fantastic finish…. you’ll love it! Such style, such flair…

The race was followed by pizza (no veg option – boooo). And giveaways, which Andy won a tubeless tire kit. I have found a race in Coeur d Alene MAY 31, that I hope to race. It does require pairs or a foursome – I got tentative commitments from Kelly, Morgan, Dave, and Lisa, but that still leaves me without a partner….. any takers?  Oh, forgot to mention that the next day, after running the Grizzlyman, Andy and I were troopers and ran the Blooomsday route with the group here for Regional champs. Ran pretty good, considering, but I got real tight at the end, and am still trying to work out those muscles.

For Bloomsday weekend, if you have any special desires for food or drink (cause I kinda usually dont have much of either at my house!) drop me an email. I was planning a poker night at my house Sat night, so save your spare change. Hope training is going well for all, you might try and check out some options for competition over the summer, like a min-triathalon, duathon, trail races, or biking races. It really gives your training a boost!




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  1. Rick is working on May 31st at the Canadian Gymnastics Nationals.


  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Wholeness.

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