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FARTs looking FINE

Funtastics Adventure Racing Team

Thanks Jeni.

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team bikes

No doubt Andy is working on a Microsoft sponsorship package for the FARTS. I propose we put the VISTA logo all over these bikes, after MS buys them for us.

Cyclist has million dollar ride to Beijing

Silver medallist at Athens Olympics, Dutch athlete Theo Bos to ride a bike that took more than three years to develop.

The Star

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The NIC Adventure Race!

This past weekend, Lisa, Jeni, kelley, Morgen, Peggy and Dave competed in the 4th NIC Outdoor Challenge at Farragut State Park in Idaho.

The team came in Friday evening and stayed over at Lisa and Dave’s, trying to get a few hours sleep before the early start on Saturday. Dave stayed up to iron on the new FART decals on our shirts, making sure we were a sharp dressed team for the event.

On Saturday morning, it dawned clear and warm–perfect–and we started with some oatmeal-blueberry pancakes, and headed down to the lake for kayak drop off and check in. We got settled and ready, and at 8:40ish, they had the official meeting, and at roughly 9:00, they gave us our (non-waterproof) maps, and off we went. This was a different kind of race, concentrating a LOT of finding the 20 checkpoints. It started with a run (4 checkpoints, including one you had to wade out to in the lake!) then transitioned to the kayaks for another 4 checkpoints, one of which was a good 150 yard uphill portage.

The next leg began the bike leg… this took the next 4 hours or so. (10 more CPs).  It was a tough ride, with LOTS of difficult single track.

Jeni and dave finished 3rd in the Mixed Pairs in 6:10, after spending 45 minutes looking for one bike CP that ended up being removed… oh well. The 4 man team had a bit of trouble on the bike navigation, but it wasn’t entirely their fault: the maps were really of poor quality, including having no distance scale or UTM coordinates. A lot of the Cps were found by guessing and tromping through the trees.

That night, we had a nice dinner, a hot tub and margaritas, and then the next morning, at 8:00 a.m., Morgen, Lisa and Kelley were up and rarin’ to go, and in the midst of a rain storm, through the mud and muck, they completed the course, “earning” their gear! We worked through a lot of the orienteering stuff, concentrating on orienting the map first, and found their way. It was a fun, muddy, cool adventure!

The next few weeks we hope to get over to Montana at least once, and then Lisa and I will be in Ohio and Philadelphia, then almost all of us will be here for HPTC, and then the 4th of July weekend. At the end of July, we’re going to be in California… originally we were heading down for a Tahoe recon, but now, we’re going to be racing in the Ocean Blue AR on Saturday the 26th, before heading up to Tahoe for training on the 27th. We might do Crater Lake on our way back on Monday, but one way or the other, it’s going to be busy and great weekend!

BTW, Lisa’s new bike, a Jamis Durango, is awesome! Thank you to all of the FARTS who pitched in and contributed to it… it made a world of difference, and she loves it!

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