Mullet Style



That's a sexy set-up!

That's a sexy set-up!

The 10/90 of the bike world

The 10/90 of the bike world

Here are a few pics of the new set-up I’m riding. This disc brake in front, V-brake in back is supposedly known as a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. Since theoretically, 70-90% of downhill braking should come from the front brake, this arrangement is supposed to maximize efficiency and control on the steeps. I took if for a short downhill dirt cruise tonight and loved it. Tomorrow is the real test as I attempt to keep up with a team of guys from the local bike shop that sold me on this beauty of a 29-er. I’ll let you how I hold up. They just did a MTB century this weekend of four different loops around Missoula in a “clover” style. Ride out from town, loop, ride out to another destination, repeat. There is talk of a similar ride becoming an actual event next year. I mentioned that I might know some people interested… 😉


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