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Bike and hike

The new brake set-up is awesome! Just, too bad I don’t have more gears. I don’t really mean that, but I was cursing my guide from The Bicycle Hanger (local bike shop) as I crawled behind him up 5,500 vertical feet in two climbs over not much more than five miles. It was the hardest I have worked on any bike-ever. Included were two incredibly fast (and quite technical at times) downhill sections. By the time we started the last descent, we were 3.5 hours into it and riding in the dark. I “stuffed” my front wheel into some black hole that sent me over the handlebars. Endo on a bike is much easier than on high bar, I’ve decided, albeit a bit more painful. All in all, a great ride and surprisingly, I could walk the next day.

Today, a quick 8 mile, round trip jike up to St. Mary’s lookout in the Bitterroot wilderness area. I meant for it to be a nice, easy hike, but if I moved fast enough, the deer flies couldn’t feast on my deet-free carcass. The view from the top made it all worthwhile.

Hope training is going well, see you all soon!


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