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Primal Quest post mortem

My buddy Kraig (who did something for their website) posted post-race thoughts.

Yeah, Nike really is that good. They blew away the competition and the course. We had time estimates for when we thought teams would pass through certain areas, and they pretty much annihilated those times. Team Merrell, who are no slouches either, still finished well behind. Nike was also the only team to nail all 12 points on the Orienteering Course, gaining themselves precious time bonuses. Not that they needed them. …

– Montana is an amazing place to hold an adventure race. I’d never been to the state before, but it sure left a positive impression. The mountains were beautiful, the whitewater was crazy, and there were miles and miles of backcountry to explore. I had the chance to visit one of the more remote checkpoints where teams were exiting the Crazy Mountains, and it was stunningly beautiful. In fact, most of the racers said that the Crazies were amongst the most scenic places they’d ever been anywhere on the planet. Add them to your “must hike” list for sure. …

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