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FARTs in Half Moon Bay, CA

Arrived today for what I call the “Little Blue” Adventure Race. It’s a tune up for our team, preparation for the big race BIG BLUE in September.

Jeni was psyched to get to the beach after oh so many hours in the car.

Andy and Dave golfed. (The less said, the better.) Rick, Morgen and Jeni did a leisurely bike tour of the quaint beach town.

6PM we reported to the staging area for an expert kayak clinic with mucho experienced Thomas as our guide. He’s done elite A.R. races around the world.



There was a lot of good information. A lot of new information.

We also tried on some expen$ive gear from New Zealand. (Don’t tell Kelley.)

Rumour is we start the race with a 1mi portage and paddle off in the direction of the giant golf ball. The more scary rumour is that we paddle close to the notorious Mavericks surf break.

After dinner with the organizers, we are packing for the 8hr continuous race. No doubt we’ll get schooled.

Except Rick. He’s faking illness. Who ever heard of the “Cambodian Flu”?

Instead, Rick will be posting photos from this Adventure on flickr.

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