Lessons Learned – Ocean Blue

A few recommendations …

Arrive earlier than the recommended time.

Bring a tarp for the transition area

Bring a kayak backpack with all mandatory gear. But leave it in the kayak. Have a second set of mandatory gear in a running / bike pack.

Hydrate as much as possible during the kayak stage, without breaking stroke. Have a hydration system at your mouth.

Priorities in order: 1. No injury. 2. Stay on route. 3. Go fast.

Have a red pen AND blue ball point handy for adding markings to the map.

In case of doubt, take an extra minute or two to reconsider all options. Have a second navigator double check your guesstimated route in case of doubt.

When one team stops to micturate (look it up), the rest should too, if possible.

Carry some sort of “salt” tablet. Consider gravol for the kayak. Pain relief tablets too.

Towing highly recommended by all experts. (Perhaps link a retractable dog leash to the bike saddle.)

In advance, get the most detailed topo maps available. Compare those against the official race map.

Some competitors wrap emergency duct tape on the bike.

Consensus was that best Team order from front to back is: Andy, Dave, Jeni, Morgen. Keep this order, if possible. Andy must constantly monitor that he does not get too far ahead of Morgen. Andy backtracks in case of emergency. Andy waits on Dave in any question of navigation. Everyone has loud whistle to communicate in case of trouble.

Leave a comment on this post with any other “lessons learned”.


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