iRule race apparel – $325

Thomas Bastis is an expert A.R. racer. He led our pre-race kayak clinic.

Thomas is also an elite athlete rep for a new line of Adventure Racing togs from New Zealand. We tried on some of his gear at Ocean Blue.

Good stuff. Not cheap. The best “deal” would be if we make 4 or more orders for a “full set”. (shorts, top, vest. AND bonus extra shorts = $325 including all taxes and shipping to your door) Email Rick. Or call him c/o Dave if you want to join in this order.

Motu – (men’s shorts) see sample
Rants – (women’s shorts) – see sample

Toro (men’s short sleeved top) – see sample
Juno (women’s short sleeved top) – see sample

Invest (men’s sleeveless tops) – see sample

Morgen and I are interested in getting a full set of shorts, top and vest. If 2 more racers want to join in, we will have 4 full sets. They have a promotion for orders for “teams of 4 or more” that ONE additional item will be thrown in for free:

Ninja shorts (training shorts) – see sample

irule shop


Turns out he could not throw in 2 smaller items on the team of 4 deal:

Body glide – (helps guard against friction) – see sample

Troppo (sweat bandana made from Merino wool) – see sample


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