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FARTs in Half Moon Bay, CA

Arrived today for what I call the “Little Blue” Adventure Race. It’s a tune up for our team, preparation for the big race BIG BLUE in September.

Jeni was psyched to get to the beach after oh so many hours in the car.

Andy and Dave golfed. (The less said, the better.) Rick, Morgen and Jeni did a leisurely bike tour of the quaint beach town.

6PM we reported to the staging area for an expert kayak clinic with mucho experienced Thomas as our guide. He’s done elite A.R. races around the world.



There was a lot of good information. A lot of new information.

We also tried on some expen$ive gear from New Zealand. (Don’t tell Kelley.)

Rumour is we start the race with a 1mi portage and paddle off in the direction of the giant golf ball. The more scary rumour is that we paddle close to the notorious Mavericks surf break.

After dinner with the organizers, we are packing for the 8hr continuous race. No doubt we’ll get schooled.

Except Rick. He’s faking illness. Who ever heard of the “Cambodian Flu”?

Instead, Rick will be posting photos from this Adventure on flickr.

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Adventure Racing deaths

I was surprised to read there have been 4 U.S. triathlon deaths since May. All four occurred during the swim section of races. (I need KELLEY or I could DROWN.)

A 32-year-old Argentinian just died in the NY Triathalon.

Moments later I read that 46-year-old adventure racer Marty Lund just died in the Race The Rockies AR.

I’m not worried for the FARTs. But let’s be careful out there.

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“Little Blue”

See you SOON.

Ocean Blue, San Francisco, California – July 26th, 2008

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Primal Quest post mortem

My buddy Kraig (who did something for their website) posted post-race thoughts.

Yeah, Nike really is that good. They blew away the competition and the course. We had time estimates for when we thought teams would pass through certain areas, and they pretty much annihilated those times. Team Merrell, who are no slouches either, still finished well behind. Nike was also the only team to nail all 12 points on the Orienteering Course, gaining themselves precious time bonuses. Not that they needed them. …

– Montana is an amazing place to hold an adventure race. I’d never been to the state before, but it sure left a positive impression. The mountains were beautiful, the whitewater was crazy, and there were miles and miles of backcountry to explore. I had the chance to visit one of the more remote checkpoints where teams were exiting the Crazy Mountains, and it was stunningly beautiful. In fact, most of the racers said that the Crazies were amongst the most scenic places they’d ever been anywhere on the planet. Add them to your “must hike” list for sure. …

read more – The Adventure Blog

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Bike and hike

The new brake set-up is awesome! Just, too bad I don’t have more gears. I don’t really mean that, but I was cursing my guide from The Bicycle Hanger (local bike shop) as I crawled behind him up 5,500 vertical feet in two climbs over not much more than five miles. It was the hardest I have worked on any bike-ever. Included were two incredibly fast (and quite technical at times) downhill sections. By the time we started the last descent, we were 3.5 hours into it and riding in the dark. I “stuffed” my front wheel into some black hole that sent me over the handlebars. Endo on a bike is much easier than on high bar, I’ve decided, albeit a bit more painful. All in all, a great ride and surprisingly, I could walk the next day.

Today, a quick 8 mile, round trip jike up to St. Mary’s lookout in the Bitterroot wilderness area. I meant for it to be a nice, easy hike, but if I moved fast enough, the deer flies couldn’t feast on my deet-free carcass. The view from the top made it all worthwhile.

Hope training is going well, see you all soon!

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FART training HPTC 2008

Excellent workouts this year at the Funtastics High Performance Training Camp.


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Mullet Style



That's a sexy set-up!

That's a sexy set-up!

The 10/90 of the bike world

The 10/90 of the bike world

Here are a few pics of the new set-up I’m riding. This disc brake in front, V-brake in back is supposedly known as a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. Since theoretically, 70-90% of downhill braking should come from the front brake, this arrangement is supposed to maximize efficiency and control on the steeps. I took if for a short downhill dirt cruise tonight and loved it. Tomorrow is the real test as I attempt to keep up with a team of guys from the local bike shop that sold me on this beauty of a 29-er. I’ll let you how I hold up. They just did a MTB century this weekend of four different loops around Missoula in a “clover” style. Ride out from town, loop, ride out to another destination, repeat. There is talk of a similar ride becoming an actual event next year. I mentioned that I might know some people interested… 😉

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